GIF Recap: Vicki Vs. Lizzie

GIF Recap: Vicki Vs. Lizzie

Vicki thinks Lizzie's just a pageant girl. But the Kentucky native also knows how to stand up for herself.


Well, that's one way to start an episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County! Shannon takes Vicki to visit her holistic BFF/doctor, Dr. Moon. And Dr. Moon makes himself right at home.


She might not have the biggest vocabulary (her words, not ours), but Tamra knows a pun when she sees it.


When new Housewife Lizzie entered the picture, we knew a lot of nicknames would be coming her way. But perhaps Tamra's "Gre-lexis" is the most apt: Gretchen's glam + Alexis' boobs = Lizzie Rovsek?


Like a lot of new mothers, Lizzie is still adjusting to her change in schedule after she had kids. Mainly, she wishes "naptime" meant what it used to mean.


Though Ryan seems like he's doing well helping out at CUT Fitness, it's not enough for Tamra. She thinks her son could use a little of that signature Gunvalson ambition.


Breaking: Vicki learns that feng shui is not something you order at a Thai restaurant.


When Lizzie showed up to dinner with thigh-highs on, Shannon was a little freaked out. Clutch those organic pearls!


Lizzie announced to the ladies that she was not only a beauty queen but also the valedictorian of her high school class, and Vicki doesn't exactly buy it. "But how many people were in your class?" Ouch, Vicki!


Much to Vicki's surprise, Lizzie knows how to stand up for herself. Vicki wasn't expecting that!


Above: Shannon's reaction when Vicki basically dismisses Lizzie's entire life and career as a pageant queen. "Who does that?!"


Vicki does manage to find a few nice things to say about Lizzie at dinner -- mainly, she compliments her high cheek bones. When Tamra coments on her own high cheek bones, Vicki shoots her down. 


Tamra's response is epic.


Later at dinner, when only five tequila shots show up leaving Lizzie out of the toast, Vicki swears she ordered six. Do we believe her?


After #chairgate cooled off -- when Heather and Shannon fought over a chair for five minutes -- Heather couldn't believe how Shannon responded. We're sure there's more to come on that front...

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