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Heather: "Here Goes the Double Standard"

Heather continues to wonder why everything she does is picked apart but everything Vicki does OK.

When the episode begins I am making reindeer food with Katarina in the kitchen as I talk to Terry. Kat had an assignment to bring in a family holiday tradition to school and this is what she chose. It's very cute and you can check out my website for details at Also, for those who have asked before about my yellow beverage... It's a Grey Goose vodka and soda mixed with Crystal Light lemonade. VERY good and low in calories!

Of course when Terry asked, I shared what happened at dinner with the girls at Javier's. If you listen to the flashback, you can hear Shannon yelling Heather! Heather! That was part of the reaction you didn't get to see. Was her reaction angry to me? Yes. Should I have let it go? Yes. Should I have stayed in the seat after Vicki told me to move? Yes. Very easy to see and say that in retrospect. Of course I'm telling my husband about this in the privacy of our home and not trash talking Shannon to the other girls. Shannon, of course, is talking about me to Vicki.

YEEHAW! I love how Terry and the kids embraced the hoedown theme. They looked soooooo cute, I can't stand it!!!!! I purposely didn't visit the party site earlier in the morning knowing everything was under control. So when I showed up and the party was not ready to go I was concerned. However, they got it together fast!!

How funny was the "Onion Ring Bandit" station?!?! Terry just loved it! Listen, I learned my lesson. It takes so little to please the people you love. I love my husband and he will eat onion rings whenever and wherever he wants for the rest of his life! Also, I had a few comments from viewers about "making Terry a plate" at Shannon's dinner party and they show me doing it again at the hodown. Call me old-fashioned, but I always serve my husband and children first. Even though I don't cook very often or very well, I enjoy feeding my family. It's about taking care of them all, nurturing them, loving them. It satisfies me.Dancing was such a ball!!! I never line danced before and it is SO fun! I also square danced with my handsome son Nicky, what a special memory!

I was hoping Shannon and Vicki would show up which is why I was holding the ceremony -- Vicki, because she is a close friend and Shannon, because I thought we had connected about the whole thing. She and I had discussed the groundbreaking party she did for her house and the one we did for our previous house, so I knew that it meant something to her. The actual ceremony was amazing. It was a little longer than what you saw on the show, Terry made a beautiful toast and we loved having (almost) everyone there. I actually didn't know our builder was going to have the CAT digger there to do a real official first scoop of dirt, so that was awesome!!!

Yes, Shannon, Vicki and Danielle were all late. I knew Danielle would be late (because she told me ahead of time). I never would have mentioned Shannon being late during the party. Definitely not the appropriate time. However, I walked up in the conversation while everyone was sitting down for lunch and Tamra said, "We were talking about why Shannon was late," so I responded. If she had said, "We were just talking about why Vicki was late," I would have responded to that. I felt roped into that conversation (no pun intended).


I don't think I made a big deal about them being late while I was standing there, but I feel like Tamra tried to stir it up to another level. Shannon was angry at me that I responded honestly when I was pulled into that conversation. Like it's my fault. Why not be angry at Tamra for bringing it up? Cut to a few minutes later and Shannon is AGAIN talking about me to the other ladies. As you see, the only person I vent to is my husband. My conversation with Tamra and Vicki is just odd. No one is asking Tamra to pick sides. Certainly not me. Why do you want to be in the middle of all of this? Plus, Vicki snoring again? There are no words. I've had it, it's so rude. Don't come over and ask what's going on and when I respond go to sleep. Beyond. Here goes the double standard. Vicki can behave any way she feels like, but MY behavior must be picked at and questioned at all turns.

Tamra wants Shannon to talk to me about our issues right away. I really appreciated Shannon not confronting me at my party, very appropriate. However, throwing shade at me in her interview again sort of took the niceness out of that moment for me. Watching Tamra tell Shannon I was mad at her is frustrating, because it's clearly not what I said. Stirring the pot? Or just her interpretation? Which is it?

Back to fun party stuff: OMG! The doughnut-eating contest was so cute!!! Nicky on the microphone!!! Loved it!! "Can I get a yee-haw?" I don't know WHERE he gets this theatrical side!!! I loved that all of the girls got on the dance floor and were dancing and having fun! THIS was what I envisioned for the party.The BULL... OMG, all of the ladies were so funny. Shannon cracked me up. Lizzie was hilarious! Tamra was studly, rode the bull three times! I was happy to ride the bull (never thought I'd be writing THAT particular sentence) but I was nervous that my skirt would fly up!!! Why didn't I wear shorts underneath?!?! Anyway, I will tell you that the bull goes from 0-60 so fast and when I got off the ride you saw me saying "Who turned it up"? It actually feels a lot faster than it looks. Scary!


By the way, WHAT is up with the obscenities that David Beador is yelling at me???! I didn't hear it at the time and it's pretty offensive. Who shouts out "Spread your legs" to another man's wife? In any context?

Tamra's epic fall: I got the SAFEST mechanical bull imaginable. Bouncy house material all around it, I am safety girl. Let's be clear on something: I WAS JOKING when I told the guy to turn it up, he didn't even speak English and it was before she got on the bull. If I had actually turned it up and she got hurt, I would have been apologizing profusely. It all seems much faster when you watch it. I am very sincere when I'm asking if someone told the operator to turn it up, because I thought it had happened to me as well. I didn't even remember making the joke when all of this happened!!! I know it looks funky to hear me say "Who could have done that?" when it looked like it was me. All I can say is after drinking champagne ALL day, I just didn't remember making the joke!!! Obviously, I must have had a bad case of CHAMPSNESIA!!! Thank god Tamra's arm is not broken! I did call her several times, but her phone died and she didn't get my messages until later.

Ugh! Will there ever be an event without drama??? Can Shannon and I resolve our differences??? Find out next week on an all new RHOC!

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