Heather Wonders If Everyone's Ganging Up On Her

Heather Wonders If Everyone's Ganging Up On Her

"Was I taking out my frustrations about Tamra and Vicki on Shannon?" Heather asks.

First of all, the photo shoots were hilarious! We take family pictures once a year, usually around the holidays and hang the finished product on our family "Wall of Fame" at home. I don't send out holiday cards, not because we are Jewish, I love celebrating all of the holidays. It's just something I've never done before. The photos are just for us.

I thought Shannon's photo shoot was hilarious, her girls are adorable and I can certainly relate to how hard it is to get everyone to cooperate! Maybe we are more alike than we think?

Play date with Lizzie and Preston: Poor Preston fell asleep in the car and was not happy when he woke up. Honestly I can't blame him -- it's hard to be post-nap and have to be immediately charming! Preston and Collette bonded instantly over their love of Batman and cupcakes, so adorable!

I really enjoy spending time with Lizzie. She is funny and sweet and smart. It was hard to give Lizzy advice about Vicki and their conflict when I'm obviously not handling my friend conflict very well!I wanted to get together with Shannon and try and restart. She spoke for a long time and told me how she felt and how I made her feel, I told her how I felt as well. I think what I couldn't verbalize at that time was that I felt unsettled and left out. When I met Shannon, I thought we would be friends. I felt like when she met the other girls, she wasn't interested in me anymore. Shannon had invited Tamra and Vicki to a football game, they had all gone up to L.A. together another time for dinner (I saw the pictures on social media), I was not included in the makeup party and they all had dinner together with their significant others the night of the hoedown (Terry and I ran into them) to name a few. These things may not seem very important to some people. However, to me they were.

Vicki and Tamra had been on my case since Hawaii and now I felt that Shannon was becoming part of that. That was MY perception. Was I taking out my frustrations about Tamra and Vicki on Shannon? Was Shannon stirring things up behind the scenes? Were the other girls coloring Shannon's view of me? Honestly, at this point I wasn't sure. I guess you will have to wait and see how the season unfolds. 


Anyway, I was glad that Shannon and I could come to a place to move on. We agreed to talk to each other the next time something came up as opposed to talking to the other ladies in the group. I was tired of having issues with the ladies and wanted to enjoy the holidays. I was also really looking forward to Shannon's party. She has a beautiful home and is a lovely hostess. Let's see if we can keep our pact to talk to each other privately with our issues instead of involving other people...

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