Lizzie Lends Her Support to Shannon

Lizzie Lends Her Support to Shannon

"Marriage is hard and it takes work," Lizzie says.

Hello Monday!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day. My parents are back in Kentucky, so although I didn’t get to see my dad on Father’s Day, I had a wonderful time celebrating my husband and father in-law with my boys in San Diego over the weekend.

I always love going back to the pageant world. Miss Santa Monica USA is a prelim to Miss California USA, which then leads to Miss USA (which I competed in as Miss Kentucky USA). It was a very fun time in my life and I think it’s very positive for young women who have the courage and drive to compete. Like I said in tonight’s episode, the women that compete are intelligent, driven and are using pageants as a stepping stone to further their career and life ambitions. The contestant that answered the on-stage question I asked was studying neuroscience at USC, for heaven's sake. I think that says a lot about the type of women competing in pageants today and how they are breaking the mold on old fashioned ideas. It takes hard work and dedication to compete and I commend these young women who are utilizing pageants as tools to open doors for their future.

I stated this in a previous blog and I want to reiterate it again: I am a stay-at-home mom. I know being a full-time mom is much more than "feeding your kids." I was being sarcastic... I love being a mom. It is by far the best and most rewarding job on the planet! However, I found that just being a stay-at-home mom wasn’t enough for me. Christian is happy with me staying home running the household, but I just needed more for myself. I don’t discredit any stay-at-home mothers. It is a lot of work raising children and running a household. I honestly believe it’s harder than going to work everyday. Moms have the most important job on Earth. I work from home and I do have help a few days a week so I can oversee production and build my company, Sun Kitten Swimwear.

You met my mom tonight!! First off, can I say how embarrassing was that close-up of my boobs? I don’t know how you all feel, but can I say I am so OVER talking about my boobs. I almost died when I saw the close up of my chest, really?! I spend a lot of time with my mom, especially in the kitchen. I love when my parents are in California. I am very close with my both of my parents and I just love when they are here. The flip side of it is that we get to go to Kentucky and my boys get to run wild in the country. California and Kentucky are very opposite places, but I love them both so much!!

Christian is an absolutely incredible father. He is hands-on and loving and I am so blessed to be building my family with him. However, there are always times, as a mom, that I freak out. Christian is very laid-back and doesn’t worry about the same things that I do. For instance, there were coyotes in the neighborhood. I could hear them at night howling. Christian went to a party down the street. It was getting late and the boys weren’t home. It was definitely past Kingston’s bedtime (he’s two). Anyway, I went walking down the street and I hear King calling out in the street for his cousin Ryder. Ryder is my seven-year-old nephew. Apparently the older boys ran off and King chased them. He was sitting at the top of a hill in the neighborhood on a tricycle in the dark. Where the heck was Christian?! I don’t want my two-year-old out alone after dark anywhere, coyotes or not. I was upset about the whole thing. The good news is everything was fine. But that’s the kind of thing I always tell Christian. It takes one second for anything bad to happen. He is much more careful now with the boys.

A lot happens on tonight’s episode. While I am not directly involved with the other women, I am glad to share more of my personal life with you all. I also want to add that my heart goes out to Shannon and her family. I think Shannon is a great person and it’s hard to see her going through such a tough time. Marriage is hard and it takes work. Everyone goes through hard times and I think it took a lot for Shannon to share this part of her life with the world.


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