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Lizzie Says "Here I Am!"

Lizzie gives you her first impressions of her fellow Housewives, defends her poinsettas, and discusses her big fall.

By Lizzie Rovsek

"Here I am!!!" I definitely wanted to make an impression on my first episode, but falling to the ground at my first party was not my intention. I can blame that on the new pair of platform heels I had on, nerves, or maybe it was that little step down out the patio door at Danielle's house. . . Ahhhhh, but in any case I hope it shows all of you how real I am. We all fall down now and then, no biggie, shake it off and move on.

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I was worried how I might appear on the show, but as a whole, you just met Lizzie -- and it's pretty close to form. I'm a friendly, happy, outgoing person, self-deprecating at times and a little sarcastic. As you get to know me more as the season continues, I hope you see in me my honest heart and genuine spirit.

First things first. . .I want to make it clear that I AM a full-time mother. I do live in suburbia. And I do spend the greater amount of ALL my days feeding my house full of boys and I LOVE doing it. Being a mommy is the greatest job I've ever had, and I love being home with my boys. However, just being a housewife isn't enough for me. I have a creative mind, and I love being out in the world and making things happen. It's 2014 and as women, we can have it all these days -- or at least kill ourselves trying right?!? Christian, my husband, does prefer me at home running the household, raising our boys, and, yes, making those home cooked meals. Luckily for me, we live by the motto: "If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy" in our house so hubby does an excellent job of taking over dinners and bath time a few times a week -- and I love him for that.

On meeting Danielle, my friend on the show, I instantly hit it off with her. The things that we don't have in common are the things that I admire about her. She is a genuine sweetheart and a solid person. We are very close friends and I adore her, her husband Joe and their three beautiful and delightful children.

My first introduction to the women started with Tamra. Tamra comes across very fun, funny, friendly, and very pretty -- not to mention petite. We both like to workout, a plus, and after watching this week's episode also learned we both aren't huge fans of wearing "ugly" sweaters. Yeah I heard the boob remark, but honestly it's not something I've never heard before and that rolls off my back. Christian and I both took a liking to Tamra and Eddie right off the bat. They were friendly, fun, and welcoming.


More guests arrive and finally I get to meet Heather and Dr. Dubrow. Large poinsettias?? Yes I got the second boob analogy, and once again, something that I've heard plenty of times. I have been hearing boob remarks literally since I was in fifth grade. The Dubrows and I know someone in common, Heidi Castle, Dr. Dubrow's right-hand guy, or should I say girl. Terry's surgical assistant, Heidi, is a good friend of mine and after we established that I think we had an instant connection. I've know Heidi for about eight years and she's been working with Terry for a whole lot longer. I loved Heather instantly. I feel comfortable around her and I enjoy talking to her. Heather is one of those people that seems interested in what you have to say and is both engaging and educated. Heather and Terry are very friendly and fun.

On this week's episode you are introduced to my home, my boys, and even our Maltipoo, Molly. On this particular morning I am heading out to the Sun Kitten Swimwear photoshoot. Sun Kitten is my swimsuit line, which I own and design. I started sketching while pregnant with my first son Preston. After leaving LA and quitting the acting business, I got married and moved to San Diego. I quickly found myself pregnant and complacent. Hence, my creative juices started flowing, and before long I found myself using the degree that I graduated college with -- a BS in Fashion Design, Merchandising and Textiles. We are shooting with Brie Childers, an amazing photographer that has shot everything from Maxim to Sports Illustrated. My model is Mabelynn Capeluj, 2013 Miss California USA. She's become a friend of mine and has also modeled my line in the past. She is a perfect Sun Kitten and I love that we both competed in Miss USA.

When I came out with my first collection, I did in fact model my line. It was my first collection and I just had a baby and made it a goal for myself to launch my line and be the model for my very own swimwear line. I lost all my baby weight and did the Sun Kitten shoot five months post-baby. I was proud of myself and I cherish those pictures. That first collection marked big changes in my life: a new company and a new baby! But I have to say when you model your own line too much stress is focused on you; and I prefer the focus on my suits and the work. As my line has matured so has that school of thought; and to that I say been there done that. Oh and the airbrush comment. . .that's me just being funny and not taking myself too seriously.

So here I go embarking on the journey of The Real Housewives of Orange County. It's sure to be an adventure and at times a bumpy road and I am so glad that I can share it all with all of you!

See you next week.

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