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Recap: 13 GIF-able Life Lessons from Bali

The O.C. Housewives taught us a lot about life during their time in Bali -- including when to tell someone they are crap.

By Kim Moreau

Hello RHOC fans. We've spent two weeks with the ladies in Bali and we've learned a lot of lessons. 

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Lessons about attire. . . 


Lessons about foreign customs. . .


Lessons about how to score a bargain on the local wares. According to Vicki, the secret is to always haggle. Lizzie and Daneille learned this perhaps a touch too late. . .Like $100 too late.


Lessons about innovations in foot care. . . and about what spooked Shannon off fish forever (Her mom spooked her! Never try to teach a child a lesson. This is what you get!).


And maybe lessons about Tamra having feet worse than the other ladies. . .The fish did seem especially drawn to her.


We learned lessons about taming monkeys. . . And by taming we just mean letting them run all over you. 


Shannon maybe had issues letting fish gnaw on her but she handled these primates perfectly.


On the other hand, we learned an important lesson about what Tamra and Vicki won't stand for. . .


After a big day with the monkeys, Vicki and Shanon decided to relive some of those monkey-influenced tensions at the spa.


The lesson there -- you can't take these two anywhere? Just kidding they're adorable.

The lesson might have actually been to not get out of earshot of the other ladies, because as soon as Tamra and Heather left to go on a bike ride the other ladies conversations turned to Tamra. The other Wives compared notes, resulting nearly everyone (including Vicki) having an issue with Tamra.

 So the ladies attempted to take a lesson from culture.


But once they sat down for dinner, it was a lesson in confrontation.


And a lesson in making a quick exit when things go badly. . .


Watch Tamra bolt in Bali one more time. . .


Next week the ladies will be back in Orange County, but will they ever see Tamra again? We actually guarantee it!

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