Shannon Has Yet Another Issue With Heather

Shannon Has Yet Another Issue With Heather

Shannon's still trying to untangle the tension between her and Heather.

Tis the Season! I love having people over to our home, and I love Christmas! The perfect combination! Roger’s Gardens is one of my favorite destinations in the OC. Not only do they make amazing floral arrangements (they do my large hydrangea basket on my kitchen island), but they are definitely the ultimate Christmas décor destination. I was so fortunate that they supplemented my Christmas decorations with their amazing creations!

An interesting note: My caterer actually quit two days before the party and I was lucky enough to have Chef Arthur Gonzalez come to cater the party at the last minute. I don’t know if you saw all the food he prepared, but we had an incredible buffet of comfort foods -- mini chicken pot pies, tomato soup with miniature grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and lobster hoagies -- in addition to the traditional beef and fish dishes! He used as many organic ingredients as possible and I will never hire anyone but Chef Arthur to cater from here on out! I have to say, as much as I like cooking, it was nice to only worry about entertaining our guests as opposed to feeding them as well!

Now on to the actual holiday party. When Tamra, Lizzie, Danielle and I were sitting in my living room, Tamra announced that she was "feeling uncomfortable." At this point, I have had numerous conversations with Tamra about her feeling that Heather "talks down to her." Although I probably heightened some of the drama by pushing Tamra to tell the truth, I wanted her to be honest about how she felt.

I was very taken aback that Heather asked Tamra to "pick a side" between the two of us. I have never and would never put a friend in that position. It was frustrating that just 24 hours after my meeting with Heather, there was yet another issue with her. I don't want to have a rivalry with her, yet I will always voice my opinion if I believe someone has been creating issues unnecessarily.

When Heather walked into the living room, I could not believe that Lizzie decided to bring up Tamra and my issues with Heather in a group setting. It was not any of her business and she definitely stirred the pot. I understand why Heather said she felt "ambushed" although that was never the intention. Lizzie brought the topics up so at that point, everything was discussed. I did not know Heather or Tamra when the Good Day L.A. issue came about. The facts as to what took place between Heather and Tamra are irrelevant to me because it happened in the past and I wasn’t part of it. Both Heather and Tamra deserved the chance to say what was on their mind. Although they had a discussion earlier when outside, Tamra clearly had additional things that she wanted to say. What upset me on this night was the tone in which Heather was speaking to Tamra, almost scolding her. I had to say something.


For better or worse, that is my nature. I spoke in a firm voice, but I definitely did not yell at her. It was my intention to absolutely discuss the "pick a side" comment alone with Heather and I am not happy that it was brought up in a group environment. When I explained to Heather that I was upset, she never confirmed or denied that she made the comment. Tamra told me she did. I don't see a reason for Tamra to lie to me about it. I do not like to argue and it is especially upsetting for women to bicker like this. I don't understand why Heather would say such a thing. People are capable of having multiple close relationships.

Find more information about Roger's Gardens at their website, If you are in Corona del Mar, a tour of their grounds is a must! Chef Arthur can be reached at His restaurant is Roe Fish Market in Long Beach.

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