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Shannon: "I Chose to Live a Different Lifestyle"

New Housewife Shannon opens up about her organic, green home and her budding friendship with Heather.

By Shannon Storms Beador

Hello everyone! It is very exciting to be writing my first blog!

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I readily admit that I choose to live a lifestyle that is quite different from most people in Orange County and am looking forward to giving you a glimpse into my life! It is surreal to watch real things that have happened played back to you on a TV screen and after watching the first episode of the season, there are things that I am both happy and not so happy with. Let's dive into it!

Heather and I shared the same architect, builder, and designer for her previous home, so it was nice to finally meet her. We had a very pleasant visit, and I said goodbye to her hopeful that we would become future friends and neighbors. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and clearly a traditional home does not mesh with Heather's style, but I personally associate traditional design aesthetic as timeless, classic, and elegant. I am proud of my "grandma" style because it does remind me of my grandmother, who was a woman of impeccable taste.


About the DNA test I had for my twins, the day we took them home from the hospital, Stella's wrist ID said "Twin A" and her ankle bracelet said "Twin B." Adeline's wrist ID said "Twin B" and she had no ankle bracelet. Right before we walked out of the hospital, the nurse said, "If one of their APGAR results [a health assessment test for newborns] comes in negative, we'll have to do it again because we don't know which twin is which!" That was a bit unnerving! When my baby nurse told me that she had never seen twins like mine that didn't want to really be near each other, I started to panic that there may have been a switch up at the hospital. I had them do a DNA test to put my mind at ease. I am human. And yes. . .they are both mine!

When I became a mother, my children's health and well-being became a top priority. I wanted to make sure that I was providing my girls with the healthiest options. New home construction today is filled with many highly toxic materials. As we started to build our new home, I wanted to limit toxic chemicals my children would be ingesting. I cannot control the environment in general, but I can control the environment of my home, and I choose to make that the healthiest one possible. If I know I have accomplished that to the best of my ability, then I don't have a problem going out to dinner (which we do often) and not eating organic food or getting my hair colored. It's all about creating a healthy balance. If that is taking "green to the next level", then so be it. By the way, check out the "green tour" of my home below!


My family and I are blessed with our lifestyle and it is so important to me that my children grow up grounded. They do the dishes every night, sort their laundry, and clean their rooms. If they help me with certain projects, I will pay them a small amount per hour (I refuse to pay them minimum wage) so they learn work ethic and the value of a dollar. Stella loves to be my helper. She is so enthusiastic about earning money -- she saves up to buy a new hat or rocker jewelry!

My husband and I have this running joke about the "meal before the meal" that he eats every night -- literally minutes before we eat dinner. It was always chips and salsa, but now he is broadening his scope and adding popcorn to the mix!

David works incredibly hard and as such, we do not spend that much "alone" time together. We have never gone away together without the girls, and I have been complaining about it quite a bit in the last couple of years. As I watch myself, however, I am mortified to see how much I nag and criticize him. What motivation would he have to go away with me if I am whining and complaining? Note to self -- I need to show him more of positive Shannon and get rid of the negative Shannon!A lot of people have criticized me and continue to do so for not allowing my children to have a cell phone. If reports exist that question the safety of cell phone use and radiation, why would I take that chance? My oldest daughter Sophie is only 12 and will obviously be using a cell phone at some point soon because it is essential for safety, but why now? If she really needs to speak to her friends, we have phones in our home. End of discussion.

And finally we get to the amazing Dr. Moon with the healing hand! I was very sick years ago with sinus and cough issues, and Dr. Moon helped me get through it. If my family or I can feel better from acupuncture (the twins don't do that, but Sophie has tried it twice!) or Dr. Moon's energy, it better than taking a pill. I am fascinated at his ability to tune in to the body and tell you what is going on. Even my husband David, who is often cynical about all things natural, will go if his back goes out.

Check out my website at! So much of our world today is toxic, and I would like to share the information and research I have received to live as non-toxic as possible! I am also starting with social media for the first time so please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Can't wait for next week! XO

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