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Shannon: Tamra Is Stirring the Pot

Shannon isn't proud of her dinner party behavior, but she wonders how the other ladies can live with their lies.

By Shannon Storms Beador

The beginning of tonight's episode is quite ridiculous in my opinion. While I am not proud of the fact that I got upset and ruined Lizzie's dinner party, I am human and had reached my limit. My outburst was far from a psychotic break or needing an ambulance. These exaggerations are nonsense.

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I went to Lizzie's party expecting Tamra to tell me the truth about her numerous statements that Terry wanted to "take the Beadors down." She was not truthful. In her commentary she denies making the comments to me and then questions herself that she might have. When you don't tell the truth, I guess it is difficult to keep your stories straight. She told both Vicki and I that Terry made the statement.

Once Tamra betrayed me again, I was not going to have Heather tell me how I continue to "yell" at her. I wanted to get away from she and Tamra. I wanted to get some air. As I stormed out of the house, Tamra would not let go of me. She was dragging me and kept holding onto my arms and face. I asked to get away from me and she wouldn’t let go or leave me alone and this only exacerbated my behavior.


You can very clearly see Tamra stirring the pot in this episode. She came outside with me said that she was "sorry" and that she "supported me 100 percent" -- and then she went inside to tell Heather that she "tried to restrain me" and that I wasn't in a sound state of mind. That was an inaccurate account once again.

I was very proud of how David handled everything. He knew the best thing to do was to leave the party and he was right. I have never left a party like that so I thought it best to address the group and express my apologies for my outburst. He defended me in front of the group and I was incredibly appreciative for that.

I was flabbergasted when I watched the scene with Heather, Tamra, and Danielle the next day. Tamra told the women that I was "scary." She states that she doesn't remember the "last half of the night," yet she continues to recount the events incorrectly. I remember the whole night. I am also disturbed by Tamra saying that I drink vodka straight. I do not and she knows it. If Tamra isn't a good drinker and "doesn't do well when she drinks," maybe she should be looking at herself. Enough with making up false statements about me.


Heather says that she can't do any more "mean."  It is hard for me to comprehend multiple apologies as mean behavior towards her. What I think is mean is the fact that Heather has not apologized for kicking me out of her house. Heather has continually said that she asked me to leave, not kick me out. In this episode you hear her use the actual words -- that she kicked me out.

I am only going to address the next issue one time because it does not deserve any life. Before this show, my husband and I were very low key and not known by many in town. I have never heard a rumor around town that I was crazy and bottom line-- I am not crazy. I do not need professional help. The ridiculous accusations have to stop.

I appreciated Lizzie's support after her party. She understands that I have no reason to make up the statement that Terry wanted to take the Beadors down and she is starting to see how certain things are being fabricated about my character.

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