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Vicki: This Episode Was Hard to Watch

Vicki talks about the difficulties of being a parent, and decides that if someone is crying they don't need an ambulance.

By Vicki Gunvalson

Tonight's episode was a bit hard for me to watch. There are so many things that were shown tonight, that it makes it difficult to watch.

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When we were at Lizzie's dinner beach party, I had a feeling something was going to go awry. Shannon and Heather had been at "odds" for a few weeks now, and I think Shannon had just had enough. I do think Shannon may have overreacted on it, but never the less it's what she was feeling at the time. I decided to stay out of the commotion and just be there for Shannon if she needed me. I wasn't at Heather's home when Shannon came over, so I really don't know the WHOLE story of how it all went. I saw it just the way all of you did. I did see Heather firmly ask Shannon to leave, however I did not see Heather ever answer Shannon's question: "Who told you about the email?" We all know that it was Tamra, but I think Shannon really wanted to hear it from Heather before she confronted her.

After Shannon screamed "You will all hear the truth," and was screaming and crying outside, I found it very wrong for Heather to say "Does she need an ambulance?" Just because someone is upset and crying, doesn't mean you take them to the hospital. I don't think anything was going to be solved that night, so the only solution I could really come up with is to tell Shannon and David to leave the party.


Tamra and Eddie receiving the news that Ryan is getting married to a woman with three kids after only a few months knowing her was shocking. I just don't see what is wrong with dating for at least a year. I mean, marriage should be a lifetime commitment. But, it all too often ends up in divorce, and I believe anything we can do to increase our odds should be done. I just hope they take it slower, date for a while and then see how they are in a year. Speaking from a personal viewpoint, I love marriage. I love commitment -- but how the heck can you really know someone after four to six months? Ugh. . .

Lastly my counseling session with Briana was tough. The worse thing a parent can hear is that your child doesn't think she could do anything good enough. Briana and I talked after this, and she told me she knew I was upset when she and Ryan eloped, and she knew I didn't want her to go into the Army for nursing -- but I think that's also our role as a parent, to NOT agree with every choice our children make. Briana and I are very close, and I hated to see her cry. It was very hard for me and I have taken a good look at myself to try and be better with both Mike and Briana by encouraging them on their choices, even if I don't always necessarily agree with them.


Lastly, we just wrapped up the Reunion last week and I think it will reveal a lot of things about this season. I'll be on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on July 28 so be sure to tune in. Hope you enjoyed tonight's episode and wishing you all a great week!

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