Slade Smiley Fetched a "Whole Box" to Indulge Gretchen Rossi's Pregnancy Craving: "He Knows Me Well, He Loves Me!"

Slade Smiley Fetched a "Whole Box" to Indulge Gretchen Rossi's Pregnancy Craving: "He Knows Me Well, He Loves Me!"

The Real Housewives of Orange County mama-to-be Gretchen Rossi is past the nausea stage... with a vengeance.

By Alesandra Dubin

Gretchen Rossi is expecting expecting a little bundle with Slade Smiley after a years-long IVF journey. After a tough first trimester with a lot of nausea, The Real Housewives of Orange County mama-to-be is in a serious craving stage at 14 weeks along. 

In her first trimester, Gretchen told fans on Instagram, "I barely felt like eating anything, especially sweets during that time." But things have changed quite a bit now!

"Yesterday when I got home from working all day I said to, 'I need some @seescandies chocolate... you know just a few of my favorite pieces," she wrote. "Well he sure delivered when he came back home with a pound of all my favorite pieces!  He goes, 'Look, I know your going to want more then just a few pieces during this pregnancy so I might as well and get you a whole box, so I’m not running out to @seescandies every two days.' Well that sure was smart on his part! He knows me well, he loves me."

As part of her Instagram ode to See's candy — which Gretchen assures is 100 percent sincere and definitely, "not an ad for See's candies — Gretchen shared a photo shoot of her cozy in bed with all her candy, showing, "all the fun I was having with my box of chocolates last night!"

She wrapped up the post, "Here’s to a more successful 2nd trimester and hopefully not so much nausea... First trimester I could barely keep anything down and the thought of sweets (which I normally love, made me sick) so I’m excited I have one of my old cravings back!"

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