Karen: Gizelle Should Stop Stirring the Pot

Karen: Gizelle Should Stop Stirring the Pot

Anyone who asks a bride to be “who paid for your ring: your mom or your man” clearly is being messy.  This question is a NO NO!  

It's Candiace vs. Gizelle in the Biggest Clash Yet of #RHOP Season 3

BravoTV.com: What did you think about Charrisse asking if Candiace’s mom bought her wedding ring now that you can watch it? Was it a shady bitch moment?
Karen Huger: Candiace prides herself on being an open book and she’s very appreciative of her mom’s support both financially and emotionally. Anyone who asks a bride to be “who paid for your ring: your mom or your man” clearly is being messy. This question is a NO NO! I’ve known Charrisse for quite some time; Candiace has not. Charrisse likes to poke harmless fun at others. Although Charrisse’s demeanor was lighthearted and she was smiling when she delivered her blow, it was an inappropriate question and Candiace did not care for it. And she doesn’t know Charisse well enough to really know how serious it was. Regardless, even if it wasn’t a shady “batch” moment, it was still a SHADY moment.

BravoTV.com: Tell us about talking to Ashley concerning her problems with Michael.
KH: When Ashley invited me to Oz for lunch she sounded very confused, sad and troubled and I wanted to be there for her. Ashley is caught between a rock and a hard place. Michael is forcing her to choose between the love she has for him and the love she has for her mom. I can only imagine the turmoil Ashley must be enduring. What husband asks that of his wife? There is so much wiggle room in the middle, but to demand that Ashely cut her mom off completely is heartless. It’s clear that Ashley’s husband has done more than most husbands would do in his situation and he’s grown tired. However, there is NOTHING like the LOVE between a mother and her child. I understand Michael’s financial weariness; however, you only get one mom. I ultimately would like to see Ashley happy, be that with or without Michael. My hope is that Ashley chooses wisely.

BravoTV.com: What are your thoughts about that clash between Charrisse and Candiace on the way to the resort?
KH: I was thinking I was heading to a resort with the girls for rest and relaxation and then all things ungodly break out on the ride up. Honestly, the clash between Candiace and Charrisse was bound to happen – it was just a question of when. Being there while it was going on was like watching a wild, wild west movie - BANG! BANG! Shoot’em Up!

BravoTV.com: What is your take on this battle with Candiace, Charrisse, and Gizelle at lunch? Did anyone owe anyone an apology?
KH: I must say the food at lunch was delicious, but who was Gizelle kidding? I was thinking - did our self-appointed fully grown mean girl, i.e., Gizelle, just demand that Candiace apologize to Charrisse right now, at this very moment? Is this the same Gizelle that threw Charrisse under the proverbial bus not too long ago? Is this the same Gizelle that took almost a year to say she was sorry to Charrisse? Gizelle should just stop stirring the pot…she is so messy. Candiace and Charrisse are grown women and clearly, at this moment they did not feel like apologizing, so leave them be. As for myself, I’m here to support them if and when they do decide to patch things up.

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