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Monique: I Was Finally Able to Find Closure About My Miscarriage Watching This Episode

" It was emotional but I’m grateful for the opportunity to hopefully encourage other women to never give up on trying," says the Housewife. 

By Monique Samuels
Monique Samuels Opens Up About Her Miscarriage What do you think watching Robyn Dixon tell her side of your clash to Gizelle Bryant

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Monique SamuelsI don’t feel like she told the entire story accurately. Robyn has the tendency to play the victim so people feel bad for her. She likes to dish it but cannot take it. What were you thinking going into this brunch with the ladies – were you nervous to see Robyn? 

MS: I went to the brunch with a positive attitude and ready to move forward. I honestly wasn’t thinking about Robyn since the entire altercation was completely silly. I knew we had a few misunderstandings and she made a lot of assumptions that could easily be cleared up. Tell us about your clash with Robyn at the lunch. Do you feel she understood where you were coming from? 

MS: I wanted Robyn to understand why I was so upset when we spoke at Chris’s party. She’s accusing me of talking negatively about her finances, which never happened, meanwhile, she’s doing the same towards me.  I wanted her to realize that she’s not as innocent as she thinks she is. Whether or not she understands where I came from is not my concern. I’m confident in who I am as a person, I know my character and what I stand for and I know my intentions were never to offend her. She has to get to the point where she can let it go, move forward and deal with her own insecurities. We learned this week about your unfortunate miscarriage, tell us about the decision to share this story and how you were feeling at this time. What is it like now watching this moment?

MS: I wanted to share my story because I never realized how common miscarriages are. It’s a true struggle for women and the loved ones who are supporting us while we go through the grieving process. I feel that when we share our struggles, it unites us and allows others to see that we’re all human and we aren’t that much different from one another. At the time, I didn’t feel anything because I didn’t fully process what I was going through. Then I went through a period of blaming myself. When I finally talked to my mom about it, she helped me to see the positive side of what I went through and I was able to focus on the fact that God blessed me with two beautiful babies. I’ll never know why the miscarriage happened but I trust that my body only did what it felt should have been done given the circumstance. Watching this moment and reliving it finally allowed me to have closure. It was emotional but I’m grateful for the opportunity to hopefully encourage other women to never give up on trying. 

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