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Google Me: A Brief Review of The Real Housewives' Search History

Take a look back at our Housewives' interesting (and entertaining) relationship with the search engine. Google me, honey! 

Ashley Is Still Not In Potomac's Inner Circle
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On Episode 4 of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Ashley Darby learned a classic Housewives lesson - Google at your own risk. Sure, the information might be out there for anyone to find, but sometimes our 'Wives end up killing the digital messenger. And boy, did Ashley learned the hard way. Fellow Housewive Robyn Dixon had no problem calling Ashley out on her research skills - or rather her decision to Google and tell. 

We're pretty sure if you Googled the word "shade" this is what would show up. But Ashley's foray into web research is far from the first time our Housewives’ Goolging efforts yeilded dramatic - and hilarious - results. We've embarked on a deep dive into Bravo history to relive the times that the Real Housewives gave a whole new meaning to "Google it."

1. Kim Sings 'Google Me'

Could there be a better way to start off the discussion of Housewives and Google than with this 2011 smash hit? While some 'Wives might shy away from what you can find on the internet, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, wants to put it all out there. With a resounding background vocals spelling out "G-O-O-G-L-E" as the songstress prompts you to "click them keys" the message is pretty clear. So get out there and Google, people! It's what Kim would want you to do. 

2. Meghan Searches For Brooks' Cancer Records

We all know that if Meghan King Edmonds loves anything, it's her Google research. So when questions about Vicki Gunvalson's boyfriend Brooks' cancer came up on the last Season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Detective Meghan was on the case! We may never know if Brooks has cancer, but if the truth ever comes out, we're sure Meghan will be the first to know.

3. Kenya and Porsha Throw Search Engine Shade

Note to self: if you're inviting Kenya Moore to your event, Google her, honey! Otherwise you might have a Silicon Valley style shade off on your hands. Between Kenya telling Porsha Williams to Wiki her and Porsha throwing this incredible digital dig on Kenya's past, "It's not even in the search engine, it's so old!", this was one for the history ebooks. 

4. Lisa Rinna Looks Up The M Word

With one little Google search, Lisa Rinna said a whole lot more than just the definition of Munchausen's Syndrome as she read it aloud to fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. As Kyle said, "that's a serious word." Google is not all fun and games, gang.  (Though we do love those Google Doodles). 

5. Ramonja Googles White Trash 

When Aviva Drescher uttered the unforgettable phrase, "You're both white trash, quite frankly," Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan would never be the same. Not because the name-calling hurt so much, but because they got to learn a new word! Really, Sonja's existential moment of "maybe we are white trash?" and their ever-so-thoughtful unpacking of the Google definition is worth watching again. And again, quite frankly.

6. Lisa Rinna Finds Out Erika Jayne is Performing at Pervert Night 

We've all been there. Your friend invites you to an event out of town they're hosting and you agree to attend because that's your girl. Then you head on over to Google and realize it's pervert night at the club and you've already planned your trip. It happens! We just want to say a big thank you Erika Girardi, for bringing RHOBH to Friday Pervert Night.

And on that note, we leave you with this:

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