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Candiace: These Women Really Are Fake Proper

 "From the looks of this behavior, some of these girls really don’t even deserve the term 'fake proper.' Just 'fake' will suffice." 

By Candiace Dillard Bassett
Candiace Dillard Gets Emotional Trying on Wedding Dresses From the outside looking in, what do you think of the rest of this press conference?
Candiace Dillard: I’m bored and entertained at the same time. LOL! I have weddings to plan, businesses to run, and edges to moisturize, girl. This leaves little time to watch Karen’s frenemies try to drag her by her edges across this jailhouse table (I’m still gagging at these peanuts and water).

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From what I’m seeing, Monique was right about one thing: these really are some fake proper broads. How exactly does one call themselves attending a press conference (with no press) in "support" of their girlfriend only to ridicule and bully her? Gizelle calls herself a jokester, and Robyn co-signs (sensing a theme there...ahem). I have girlfriends who like to make shady jokes — that’s not far-fetched. But this really wasn’t the time or the place to “joke.” From the looks of this behavior, some of these girls really don’t even deserve the term “fake proper.” Just “fake” will suffice. Were the hashtags silly or shady?
CD: The hashtags were Act 1 Scene 1 in the Fraudway Play “You Tried It.” Shade on the left and on the right! Boredom to the north and to the south!

You are too free. Not booked enough. Hobby-less and without couth. I was disappointed and would have been beyond hurt and as angry as Karen was if that were my friend behaving that way toward me.

Candiace Dillard Gets Emotional Trying on Wedding Dresses Why did you get so emotional when you tried on the first dress?
CD: I’m a southern belle at heart. In the south, for better or for worse, weddings are a jewel of the culture. A little girl is socialized to think and dream about her wedding day: how many bridesmaids she’ll have, what her wedding colors will be, what her decor will look like, which celebrity performances will sweep her off her feet (oh...maybe that last one is just me...teeheheheee...), and how she’ll feel the moment that she locks eyes with the love of her life — her Prince Charming/King/Lover and all that other mushy foolishness. LOL!

The pinnacle of all of this, for me at least, has always been the gown. The garment you marry your husband in is so special and sacred. It represents you as the bride and how you choose to be seen standing with your husband in front of God and everyone. It’s a moment in a woman’s independence and self-declaration. It’s the ultimate assertion of style and fashion on one of a woman’s most important days. It’s something I’ve thought about for most of my life: what will I look like when I walk down the aisle? Now, it’s a little difficult when you don’t have the groom in mind, but when I knew that Chris was going to be my husband, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear and that he would love it (God, let him love it!).

When you anticipate something in your mind’s eye for so long, and then that moment is finally right in front of you, how can you not succumb to emotion? It’s something I’ve dreamt about forever! And I was blessed to experience it right in that moment! It was incredible and amazing...even though Dottie Downer (Ma) was intent on killing my vibe with her “Walmart” shade. Bye, mom! LOL! Also, did your mom get her way — is there lace on your wedding dress? How has the rest of planning been with her?
CD: Let’s just say that I asked the bridal attendant if I could take that bottle of champagne home with me. Planning with her is like ripping my nails off slowly. We agree on nothing; she thinks it’s her day and that everything I want is wrong. My wedding colors aren’t red and white, I don’t want lace on my gown. I don’t want a form-fitting gown. I don’t want to get married at her venue of choice. I don’t want to wear red lipstick, I don’t want my susband to shave his beard for the wedding day...etc, etc, yeah, it’s going swimmingly, wouldn’t you say?

I can’t wait to reveal the final product of my gown. My designer, Karen Sabag is incredible and has created a masterpiece that I never want to take off whenever I go into her boutique for a fitting. She totally got my vision. As for the will all have to just wait and see

Is Monique Samuels Running Her Own Fan Pages? What did you make of the conflict between Robyn and Monique?
CD: Girl, BYE with this meme foolishness! Whyyyy do we have tiiiiiime to harp on inconsequential nothingness? Monique says she didn’t make the meme...but she liked it. Well, I’s on her fan page, so I would imagine that she’s going to like the posts. But Robyn, come on now, girl. She wasn’t talking about your mama, your man, or your kids. It was a silly dig poking fun at you fanning yourself. What I need to understand is how you can take such offense to this petty school girl banter, but you co-sign Gizelle’s cruel bullying t-shirt at Karen’s press conference with no press (sorry, I gotta add that every time)! You want to pick and choose when it’s cool to be shady? Then get your weight up in the hot and petty kitchen.

I would love to understand Robyn’s side. I would love to see where she’s coming from. Maybe because she doesn’t know Monique well, and she and Karen have more history, that makes making fun of Karen okay in her mind? School me, girl, because where I’m sitting, I’m not seeing it.

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