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Ashley Darby: Nothing About Candiace’s Reactions Make Sense to Me

"Perhaps it’s the spoiled child mentality that she expects everything to happen on her time, but I’m grown."

By Ashley Darby
Ashley Darby Gets Her Cards Read in New Orleans How did you feel about your tarot card reading experience?

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Ashley Darby: Since beginning my spiritual journey, I have worked to strengthen the relationship I have with the powers that be. It’s naive to ever believe that we humans are solely responsible for our existence, and that mindset has really helped me get closer to God. I know that fate put the tarot experience in front of me, doling out the words I needed to hear in order to really open myself to welcoming a baby. I realize that I can be my own worst enemy sometimes, and hearing it out loud from the tarot reader was incredibly comforting. Everything he said was spot on, including making sure our hearts are in the right place and finding a work/life balance in order to set the tone for our family to blossom.

A little tidbit - after the reading, Katie and I were walking outside and the tarot reader took me aside to say, “I want to tell you - an older woman was speaking to me during our reading. She wants you to know she’s going to make sure you have the child you are praying for.” The crazy thing about that is the following week, after I came back from Nola, I was sorting my photos into an album and a picture literally fell on the floor. It was a photo of my great grandmother bottle feeding me when I was just a few months old. She was the matriarch of our family, and gave so much love to everyone she touched. I didn’t really think much of it until recently when I remembered back to the timing of my tarot reading and this beautiful coincidence. I think she was with us that day.

ashley.jpg Candiace apologized to you, but then it rubbed her the wrong was when you said it was going to take you some time to be able to move on. Why do you think that upset her so much?

AD: At this point, nothing about Candiace’s reactions make sense to me. Perhaps it’s the spoiled child mentality that she expects everything to happen on her time, but I’m grown. The way Candiace has so aggressively pursued these claims about my motherhood journey has made it so I really need to see a change in our dynamic before I believe she truly understands the level of hurt she made me feel. But even this temper tantrum shows she still just doesn’t get it. Quite frankly, I’m not surprised nor did I expect better.

Ashley Darby Tells Candiace Dillard to Stop Coming For Her Uterus You and Katie seem to have a lot of fun together, how does it feel to reconnect with her?

AD: It’s no secret that being around Katie brings out my free-spirited wild side! In my normal life, I am the wife to a successful businessman and a restaurant owner. There is an expected decorum that comes with these titles, and I am very proud of myself to have achieved a certain status at this point in my life. At the same time, it feels good to let my hair down and reconnect to that inner wild child like I was able to do with Katie. Of course I need to remember that Katie and I lead very different lives, and still consider the feelings of my life partner. I was worried he was going to be upset about the tassel incident, but Michael actually told me to enjoy being my young, fun self. It helped that he got a personal show with those tassels when I got home ;).

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