Karen Huger: Gizelle's Actions Speak For Her — You All Be the Judge

Karen Huger: Gizelle's Actions Speak For Her — You All Be the Judge

"Gizelle and I had a great friendship many years ago. I miss that Gizelle."

Karen Huger Doesn't Want Gizelle Bryant on Her Property

BravoTV.com: Gizelle says she misses her friendship with you. Do you miss the friendship as well?

Karen Huger: Gizelle and I had a great friendship many years ago. I miss that Gizelle. I don't know what I would call Gizelle now...maybe a bit of an ENIGMA.

BravoTV.com: We see you question Gizelle's genuineness when it comes to her caring about you as a friend. Were you shocked when she came over to bring you cookies?

KH: Honestly, I'm so over the question about her genuineness as it pertains to her caring about me as a friend. I'm in a great place of acceptance. Life is too short. I've been blessed on so many levels and her comments and conduct aren't on my radar. Gizelle's actions speak for her — you all be the judge. Now, let's talk about those cookies! I love that the girls baked them. They were delicious. Thanks, girls! Kisses.

BravoTV.com: You've gotten close with Candiace and we see you give her advice when it comes to her situation between her and her mother. In this episode we see Candiace's mom calling her "disloyal" -- what do you think about their tumultuous relationship?

Candiace Dillard's Mom Lashes Out When She Finds Out a Surprise Guest Has Been Invited to the Wedding

KH: I adore Candiace, and my heart sank as she shared her concerns. I felt her pain and her fear. Creating and sustaining a loving and supportive mother/daughter relationship (especially when your daughter becomes a grown woman) can be challenging at times. As a true friend, I have always encouraged Candiace to always trust in the foundation of her and her mother's relationship, and that is LOVE. It's not easy for us moms to let go. Clearly, this is a very difficult time in her relationship with her mom. While it's painful to watch the tumultuous exchange between the two of them, it was necessary. It was a very REAL moment of raw dialogue. Now at least, they know where each woman stands.

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