Robyn Dixon: Candiace Is a Loose Cannon

Robyn Dixon: Candiace Is a Loose Cannon

"I honestly was so sick of hearing Candiace go on and on about Ashley."

Wait, So Candiace Dillard and Robyn Dixon Heard the Same Thing?! How did you feel when Juan and the boys surprised you with breakfast in bed?

Robyn Dixon : Receiving breakfast in bed from all three of my boys was such a special moment for me. I really appreciate thoughtful gestures that show how much I am loved and breakfast in bed definitely showed me that Juan was working hard to keep our relationship moving forward. It was also super special to me because that was such a sweet Daddy and sons moment. Juan is an amazing father and is helping raise our boys into wonderful young men. Showing them how to treat their significant other with sweet and random acts of love is one of the invaluable lessons that boys can learn from their father.

That moment definitely solidified my feelings about where Juan and I were in our relationship and where it was headed. We found our groove, made it through the storm, and can finally say that we are in a great place!

Candiace Dillard Has Major Issues With Ashley Darby When you found out Candiace heard Michael say the same thing you heard, did Candiace's issues with Ashley begin to make sense to you?

RD: I honestly was so sick of hearing Candiace go on and on about Ashley. It was the strangest obsession to me. But yes, when Candiace explained that she heard exactly what I heard, it all started to make sense! Michael’s comment was honestly one of the wildest things that I’ve heard out of a married man’s mouth and I can totally understand how any person would be confused about what’s going on behind closed doors in that household. I’m definitely not saying that the way that Candiace was communicating her confusion was correct, but I can totally understand how everything in the Darby relationship instantly became perplexing. What was your reaction to the way things started to unfold between Candiace and Ashley during Candiace’s dinner?

RD: “Oh no, this girl is bats*** crazy,” were my exact thoughts when things went awry at Candiace’s dinner! I do not know how emotions escalated so quickly and so unnecessarily, but it is fair to say that Candiace is a loose cannon. I totally understand being confused about Ashley’s life and relationship, but I just don’t understand why Candiace has made it such a personal issue to the point where she is completely losing it! I most definitely did not foresee the evening turning into a screaming and knife throwing match.

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