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Sorrys and Sleepovers

S2/EP18 |
Aired: 01/23/2022
The girls' trip to Zion goes from bad to worse when Meredith catches wind of speculation over the validity of her father’s memorial. However, an outdoor adventure of ATVing and rock climbing becomes the bonding experience the ladies need. Jen and Whitney keep the fun going with a VIP party at “Club Zion,” and it looks like good vibes only from here on out. 43:24

Who’s Calling Who a Fraud?

S2/EP17 |
Aired: 01/16/2022
The ride to Zion has the women on edge as Jen and Lisa face off over her refusal to choose sides between Jen and Meredith. Whitney aims to reunite the group with some spiritual healing, but her efforts quickly go to waste when tempers flare at the white dinner. Meredith’s integrity is called into question, and Jen finally gets a chance to ask for the truth. 43:24

Holy Mother of Zion

S2/EP16 |
Aired: 01/09/2022
Meredith throws Seth a birthday party and doesn't invite the Shahs, leaving Heather and Whitney to believe something bigger is causing a rift between the two women.  Jen and Sharrieff work on their marriage, while Mary questions Jennie’s overreaction to her regifted shoes. The husbands surprise the women with a Mother's Day trip to Zion, but once Jen learns Meredith hired a private investigator, she and Lisa come to blows when Lisa refuses to hold Meredith accountable. 43:24

The Miseducation of Mary Cosby

S2/EP15 |
Aired: 01/02/2022
Despite being in over her head financially, Whitney throws a lavish party for her Wild Rose rebrand; but Jennie uses the opportunity to confront Mary for her tone-deaf comments at Pho. Meanwhile, Lisa gets Jack ready for prom and Jen questions who her true friends are in the group. Heather and Whitney suspect it may have been one of the women who turned Jen into the authorities. 43:24

What the Pho?

S2/EP14 |
Aired: 12/19/2021
All hell breaks loose at Jennie's Pho luncheon when Meredith sees Jen, Mary questions her innocence and Lisa feels attacked. Meanwhile, Heather learns her brother is leaving the Mormon church, Whitney shares some shocking news about Mary and Robert Sr. and Jen and Sharrieff come to terms with her mounting legal fees. 1:05:00

Fair Weather Friends

S2/EP13 |
Aired: 12/12/2021
After returning home from their trip from hell, Lisa questions Meredith’s loyalty and friendship, but Meredith thinks they’re all responsible for what happened in Vail. Jen feels alone and isolated, but Heather agrees to see her and offer her support. Mary meets with an organizer to try to bring order to her chaos, while Jennie plans a pho luncheon. Whitney confesses her rebrand has drained the family savings, but goes ahead with an expensive photo shoot. 43:24

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