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Ben's Secret to a Happy Marriage

Ben explains the importance of meeting your wife's needs.

By Ben Tankard Ben, how were you feeling about all the discord in the family? Did you think you could help Benji and Brooklyn get back together? What did you think of Britney’s comments on the drama?
Ben Tankard: Somewhat irritated, but I am an aircraft pilot so I am very used to turbulence in flight. One thing about turbulence is that it is TEMPORARY. I believe my patience and faith in God will outlast any relationship storms my family may face. Did you think you could help Benji and Brooklyn get back together? 
Ben: Yes, I just need to support both of them in their goals, and maybe even create more projects for them to work on together, rather than being competitive. What did you think of Britney’s comments on the drama?  
Ben: She is so independent and free, I can totally understand her point of view. I can’t blame her! Sometimes I grab some buffalo wings and go hide out in my airplane hangar to hide from the family drama, LOL! What did you both think of Benji and Shanira getting remarried? Were you proud of his proposal at the anniversary party?
Ben: I train both of my sons, Benji and Marcus (Marcus lives in Missouri with his wife Latisha), that marriage is about meeting the wife's needs. If you meet her needs to the best of your ability, then you will get YOUR needs will be met automatically because women are "responders." I think Benji giving Shanira the wedding of her dreams is an awesome Big Baller move that is going to cause his stock to go up a few notches with Shanira. Yes, I was very proud of him!  Benji had asked his Grandfather, Earthel, if he could re-propose to Shanira at their 46th wedding anniversary, so I had been looking forward to this for some time. I'm very proud of him! Ben, why did you decide to get your daughters purity rings? What did that mean to you?
Ben: I knew love would be in the air at Mom and Dad's anniversary party and Benji's proposal, so I thought this would be a good time to mention Cyrene's purity ring and to also present purity rings to Brook and Britney in front of the family. This makes a statement to the girls and to the family that I support them all the same. This week we see you guys on date night. How often do you have date nights? Are the mosquitoes always invited?
Ben: Every week or so, to keep our relationship tight. I have seven businesses, Jewel has two, plus we volunteer as Pastors at Destiny Center, THAT'S 10 THINGS! It is very easy to get bogged down in work or ministry, so we have to out OURSELVES on the calendar in order to take the time we need. Heck no, the mosquitoes aren’t invited! We have insects as big as humans in TN. Jewel, how did you feel going into therapy with your sisters? Were you shocked by Junice’s feelings and aggressive tone? Ben what did you think of the session?
Ben: I think it was a good idea to get thoughts out on the table with a third party. Now that some things are out on the table, I see that there is a MAJOR need to just bury the hatchet with all the girls between one another. God instructs us to forgive 70 times 7 if necessary (that's 490 apologies forgiven). I wonder how many will be required to totally clear the air with the 3 J's (Junice, Jewel, and Junetta)?

[video_clip_url:] Going into the anniversary party were you nervous? Were you worried about Brooklyn and Benji getting along? Were you happy with how the event turned out?
Ben: No, I actually believe the more events the 3Js can work on together as a team, the better it will be with them emotionally. They are disconnected and need to reunite. Together we stand, and divided we fall, right? I was not worried about Brooklyn and Benji getting along, since it was NOT their event, I knew they would be civil enough to please Mom and Dad on their anniversary. I was very proud of everyone -- the event turned out great!

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