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Ankles, Knees, and Woes

Craig shares his love for Jeana and explains how we can prevent injuries while working out.

By Craig Ramsay

Firefighters save hearts and home(o)s. -Author Unknown (Bryan needs a cold shower) 

I'm going to share something with all of you that I didn't get a chance to address with Jackie. I'm not one to judge investing in clients too much, as I know I'm a culprit of this too. But I'm Jackie's friend as well as co worker, and when I see a friend that is in pain or being abused in some form, I get upset and defensive. As trainers we CANNOT want to help our clients more than they want to help themselves. A client needs to find their own desire and need for change. My personal clients find me and ask me to train them, I don't go looking for them. This is how I know they are ready. I don't have to force them to a workout. 

Let me tell you about Jeana. What she lacks in workout intensity she makes up for in love for others. I hope she can put that same energy for others towards herself. She deserves this! I obviously wasn't on the boat ambush with Jackie, so I was watching this on t.v. with all of you. I wanted to reach through that t.v. screen and just hug that wonderful woman. I called her immediately and reminded her how much she is loved.   

This week we have Joe's Ankle, Shay's Knee, and Bryan with his Fireman workout chest muscle cramp. Aches and pains WILL happen, this is normal. But all of you at home should take precautionary measures to prevent injury.


-Warm up with moderate Cardio 8-10 mins, get that blood flowing.  

-Stretch after your workout. 

-Know the difference between dull pain and sharp pain.  

I want to address something very positive for Bryan this week. Bryan was obviously upset after the fireman workout, but instead of turning to emotionally destructive eating habits, he turned to a workout on his own. This is a huge transition for Bryan, and all of you at home struggling to gain control of your health and fitness need take notice of this. 

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