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Moderation Is Key

Jeana loves her new body (and being naked). 

By Jeana Keough

I am sorry I have been MIA, but the last few weeks have been crazy for me, and I haven't had time to write. I got a bunch of texts from my friend about the Nikki not wanting me as a roommate situation. In Nikki's defense, she is younger and probably really wanted to hook up with one of the hot guys at the hotel, and there were a lot of them.  I know she was just joking, but I was mentally and physically exhausted from the day's workout. I can afford my own room at the fabulous Renaissance, but they wanted us to share, and it hurt my feelings. Usually people are nice to me, so it was unexpected. We had a wonderful time, she is so funny my face hurt from laughing. She treats her purse collection like they are children! Nikki will always have a special place in my heart. She was a great distraction, so we could sneak water when working out! 

The rowing workout was also so much fun, I had done it before, and it will be something I will continue long after the show is over. I got a punching bag and gloves from James Maldanado and really have gotten into punching and kicking. The Pussycat Doll workout was so much fun, I loved it! Robin was a great teacher, and I use that move she taught me every time I brush my teeth. Dancing is a great way to get a workout. It was fun so see Shay enjoy herself so much, I had no idea she loved dancing. She reminds of Kara with her love of dance. She has found her workout!  That's what Jackie has taught all of us, find what gets your body moving and do it. I have learned about nutrition, exercise, weightlifting, mixed martial arts, boxing, booty dancing, and most importantly, to believe in your self and surround yourself with positive people. 

I love Jackie for changing my life, I love having my old body almost back. I look at food as fuel, not a relationship, and I try to inspire everyone to be the best they can be and not settle for less. This has been a great adventure for me and thanks for sharing it! I have to thank Craig for all the encouragement when I didn’t want to do 30 minutes on the Stairmaster. He will be happy to know I run the stairs every Saturday at a local football field for an hour. I work out 5-6 days a week, 3 days of weights with my trainer down in the OC, Rhonda Castillo. Using all the tools from Thintervention, I have been able to eat healthy, make my shake, and take tons of vitamins. I've put a few of my favorite things back in my life, a little pizza, a little alcohol, and a lot of being naked! Moderation baby, that is the name of the game.

 Now for a little catch up on my family. Kara graduates in March with honors! She was Kappa Kappa Gamma at college and really enjoyed it. Colton is in college and loving it, Shane is also in college and both have a job working for Pacific Avalon Charters in Newport Beach. They have learned so much crewing a yacht, and both love their new adventure. I think maybe being a captain is in Shane's future? Their love of the ocean is at an all time high. The boys have grown up so much and gotten so mature, and I am very proud of them. They are very responsible, dedicated sailors! Scout my beloved Doberman died, he drowned, most likely while swimming with his friends. He loved the water and was ready to go to heaven. We have Bella the bulldog still, and Shane has a new puppy so the house has lots of life in it. Both boys are staying home for college and commuting this year. I imagine Colton will transfer to a 4 year school next year.

It was a lot of fun doing this show, and thank you to Michaline and Jen O'Connel for giving me this opportunity to get fit! I enjoyed meeting my new friends, Mandy, Nikki, Joe, Shay, and Bryan (who stole my heart)!

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