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PCOSed Off

Stacy explains why she got so frustrated and introduces us to her inner warrior, Enrique

This week was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on steroids minus the chocolate. Our baseline workout was easy enough, and for once I was able to keep up and keep Joe quiet. I think he was just shocked that it was Nikki making all the noise in the gym for once. It was time I passed that baton on anyway, I'm glad she's twirling it around with gusto.

I think Joe might have a secret lust for Nikki or something along those lines because he seems so fixated on all the "attention" she gets. With what Nikki says she likes in men, I don't think that Joe stands a chance anyway, but it's nice to have something entertaining to watch when you work out.

Is it just me or does Joe hate women in general (especially Jackie)? There's a huge disconnect he seems to have with all things female -- plus it doesn't help him that he looks like a constipated unattractive Rocky. It's called Metamucil, I advise a Costco size bottle and a muzzle. Watch the "women" flock to you.

Now last week we had our inner warrior come out and mine was taking in a Broadway show and flew in this week on the red-eye. His name is Enrique and he has a fabulous glitter vest and top hat. Go figure. He can be a little temperamental, so while I was coping with my upped dosage of PCOS meds he decided to take over my communication with others (overly dramatic high jinks ensue).

I think he was trying to come up with a Haiku of some kind and he decided to use "Jackie" and "jackass" in the first line. I know that Jackie is doing her best to help me and I can't help it if Enrique gets defensive. He doesn't like it when people don't take time to understand PCOS. I think if Jackie took more time to sit down with Dr. Cohen and me, we could get the results we want.

Now onto our fantastic MMA fighter workout. I'm a huge fan of a workout that includes attractive men, but they are a little too intense for my taste. It's a hard workout and to make matters worse I am stuck with Jeana, who seems more concerned with getting phone numbers from these guys than getting an actual workout -- hence me being able to wrestle her to the ground. 

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Mandy's hair is perfect in every workout? She's too fabulous for words. I absolutely adore her! Only Mandy after a long intense workout would host an amazing dinner for Bryan, Nikki and myself.

Okay, so here's the thing about the weigh in. Enrique was in full Broadway action complete with direct tears and anger. He does not take well with being interrogated, so when a negative Nancy such as our lovely polygraph examiner comes out and accuses him of cheating -- get your sparkles and fireworks ready.

To be grouped with Jeana, Shay, and the forever-delicate Nikki makes me feel like a jackass. Like a failure. They don't take any responsibility for where they are and they don't have the medical limitations I have. That's the main thing I hate about having PCOS, everyone thinks it has to be something that the woman is doing. Jackie said she used her whole bag of tricks and all I have to say about that is that it might be a nice bag, but it's small and limited when it comes to PCOS. She doesn't know anything about it, and if she did, she would have mentioned something with my food diaries when I sent them to her every day.

Here's the thing about the shake. If you have tried Jackie's shake you would have had two as well. I was ignorant and got my butt handed to me (rightly so) and that will never happen again. I will never be grouped with these ladies ever again.

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