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Power Circuit

Think you can handle this week's workout? Try it now!

1. This workout has a weight training emphasis.
2. *Approximately 15 reps per weight machine.  
3. Weight lifted varies from person to person and depends on person’s ability and strength.  Jackie will base the weight on past workouts with each client and will oversee the weight machines.
4. Four clients will be on the treadmill, while 4 clients are using the weight lifting machines.  Clients will alternate upon completion of the weight lifting clients.
5. Treadmill exercises include walking forward, backward and sideways. 
Treadmill Circuit #1
Treadmill – 2 minute (Uphill Walk)
Meanwhile Weight Training on
1. Wide Lat Pull Down 
2. Close Gripped Row 
Treadmill Circuit #2
Treadmill – 2 minute (Backward Walk)
1. Chest Fly 
2. Tricep Press 
Treadmill Circuit #3
Treadmill – 2 minute (Sideways Walk)
1. Bicep Curl 
2. Leg Press 
Treadmill Circuit #4
Treadmill – 2 minute (Uphill Walk)
1. Seated Hamstring Curl 
AB’S Circuit #1 – UPPER ABS
1. Straight Leg Crunch – crunch with back on mat, legs straight in front (15)
2. Legs Up Crunch – legs are straight up, back on mat, crunch (15)
3. Tall Sit Up – sit up, come up 45 degrees then do a full sit up (15)
4. POWER BURN: Straight Leg Crunch / Legs Up Crunch / Tall Sit Up (10 reps all at once)
AB’S Circuit # 2 – LOWER ABS
1. Reverse Crunch – knees bent 90 degrees, sit up, feet on ground (15)
2. Single Leg Jack (ALT) – touch one toe, lower alternating. (15)
3. Power Burn: Reverse Crunch / Tummy Tuck / Single Leg Jack
          (6 each side for single leg jacks)
1. Sumo – Stand with your feet wider apart than shoulder-width, as shown. Turn your toes out about 45 degrees. Keep your shoulders back and your hips tucked (15)
2. Windshield Wipers – light crunch, shoulder blades off the floor, feet off the ground, knees wipe side to side (15)
3. Side Planks (ALT) – body position (sideways), palm on ground, arm straight, feet placed on top of each other, body off the ground (1 min)
4. Power Burn:  Sumo / Windshield Wipers / Side Planks (6 each side) – (10 reps all at once)
1. Knee Cross-Overs
2. Single Leg Knee to Chest
3. Hamstring Stretch
4. Quad Stretch
5. Clasp Pull Stretch
6. Crossover Arm Stretch  
COOL DOWN:  Stretching
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