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Slip Happens

Dr. Ramani knows that mistakes happen, but the participants can't let that discourage them.

By Dr. Ramani

If a shark stops moving it dies.

I was told that this happens because a shark's dense body mass is such that it would sink if it didn't move. 

That analogy may apply to our warriors running in the rain. The key for them was to not stop –- and psychologically, if they stopped, they would sink.  

Jackie grew impatient with Nikki during the initial workout –- saying, "She's like a child that needs attention."  Well, yeah, we sort of established that during our therapy sessions –- the world quit Nikki as a child, she is quitting herself as an adult.  

Ironically, Nikki won the grocery store challenge. Well, not so ironic. Let's face it, in general terms people know the "right" way to eat. This isn't rocket science. Marshmallows bad, grilled chicken good. Grapefruit in syrup bad. Grapefruit you peel good. Most smokers know smoking causes lung cancer, most overweight people know calories cause weight gain. We eat badly because eating is driven more by emotion and less by common sense.

When I saw Jeana and her friends on the yacht, it made me wonder yet again how rich women stay so thin.  Their lives are filled with parties, great food, good wine and time. I know many of you at home have thought this -- she has money, time, trainer, and a chef and if girlfriend can't lose weight –- how they hell am I supposed to? Eating is about MINDFULNESS. About stopping and thinking before you eat. Jeana couldn't even meditate for 60 seconds. You want to lose weight? Turn off the damned noise in your head for a few minutes –- that applies if you are rich or poor.  

Nikki's seeming indifference to the criticism of her peers makes her the most powerful person in the group. What are your thoughts? Will this Lone Wolf thing pay off for her and lead to bigger gains? Does selfish pay off when it comes to weight loss?

Let's talk frankly about the session. Listen gang, therapy obviously did not last 10 minutes. We sat for long hot hours in that therapy room and did some real work which you will never see. I talked. A lot. In fact, Dr. Ramani's vocabulary does go well beyond "okay." So when Jeana was called out by Stacy –- I called both of them on it and forced Jeana to confront her feelings and Stacy. When Joe was mad at Nikki about being the favored child -- yes, again –- I called them on it. While their 1-2 pound weight loss goals may not be what you would expect on such a strict regimen, it is the level of progress most mere mortals can expect to make on a normal weight loss plan. Eating clean and working out intensely is aspirational –- and should be the goal to which we aim, but life interferes – and on the days we "slip" –- our next meal is a chance to get it right again. Slip happens. 

The clients are getting defensive, Jackie is getting defensive, and here even I am getting defensive. Makes sense, weight loss is frustrating, and can often bring out our inner cowards rather than our inner warriors. But let it be said that the key buzzwords of the session are STOP and DISTRACT (it's like drop and roll). Put the excess food down –- you have the power –- and then immediately distract. Take a walk, call a friend, exercise, masturbate -– just don't eat.  

Are they doomed? Have we run out of insights for therapy? Are they just lazy, vodka drinking, injury prone spoiled children, or are they all of us? Again, place your bets. Who is going to post the greatest losses next week? I can all but guarantee you will be surprised at the answer.

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