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Tensions Run High and Weight Loss Runs Low

Stacy thinks Jeana and Nikki need to step it up and get serious.

So this week we got a taste of Seattle when we started our basic workout jogging in the park. Poor Joe had to stop 3 laps in because he hurt his ankle. I really hope he feels better and can continue with the rest of the group.

I adore Jeana, I really do. I just get frustrated when someone in her position still finds ways to cheat. She was cheating with her food and her workouts. Bryan said it best when he called her a mall-walker. Jeana is so sweet and so kind, and I know that she can be successful if she puts her heart and soul into this program.

I was worried about Bryan at the fireman workout, and I was so relieved that it was just a pulled muscle. He's become somewhat of a big brother to me, and I know everyone in the group loves him. I know that in spite of this injury he will continue to kick ass and take names.

Nothing is more embarrassing than having a grown man's fire fighting uniform be too tight. Really? If that can't fit me, then I am obviously more than festively plump. Can I just say how hot it was in those fireman outfits? It was in the low 90's that day (it is the OC after all) and when you are sweating profusely in these 20 pound suits it feels like your body is on fire. These suits are designed to go into open flame -- so other than your face there is no exposed skin, no way for your body to cool down, making these exercises that much harder. I have no idea how these brave men run into burning buildings and are still able to function. I tip my hat to all the firemen and policemen that risk their lives for everyone's safety. No wonder they all have to be in such great shape.

I will say that it gets frustrating that we continually have to stop for Nikki. I may get emotional, or breathe like a fanatical nerd at comicon, but I don't consistently hold the group back. I hope that she can put the lip-gloss, umbrella, vodka tonic, or hand mirror down so she can focus on herself for once and push through these workouts. 

Group therapy and weigh in was a little tense this week as tensions ran high and weight loss ran low. Joe (who seems to have problem with women in general, or is just me that has noticed this?) confronts Jackie about making Nikki her pet project. I know that Jackie is giving us different treatment, but I don't think that's a negative. She said it herself, that we are all different and we all require different things. I think that this is a turning point for some of us and if we don't band together and give each other some compassion, it's going to be a long 7 weeks. I am just trying to follow Mandy's example, what she said last week at our dinner really affected me. She's so sweet and kind, and I think she and Bryan really set great examples for the whole group, so I am going to try and follow their lead.

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