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The Force Was NOT With Me

It seems treadmills bring out Stacy's dark side.

Did you like my impression of Darth Vader? Pretty spot on right? I had no idea how allergic I was to treadmills; whenever I get on one I break out in embarrassment. Hot mess party of one? Check please! I mean really, I'm 23! I can't even use the excuse, "Well my bangs got in my way..." It's one thing to be out of shape and hide it, it's an entirely different matter when everyone has to drop everything to make sure you haven't accidentally swallowed a lung.

I can't stand it! I can't take it! I feel so ashamed. I feel like if Jackie points out one more time that Shay and I are the most out of shape, not to mention the youngest, I will point out that she is blond and also a lesbian (not that's there's anything wrong with either of those things...).

It's only the second week, and I feel like I am making a horrible impression on my fellow Thinterventioners. I am starting to get the vibe from everyone that I am going to be one of the weaklings, which I am secretly scared of myself. I really have huffed myself into a corner that I can't get out of.

The old me would try and find an excuse of some kind, give into my fears. I can't. I need to be strong and find a way up and out of this to a healthier, skinnier me. Bryan seems to have his stuff together, I'm going to try copy his example...

Wish me luck and a force of some kind that has nothing to do with breathing like a masked villain...

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