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Training Pool Workout

Think you can handle this week's workout? Try it now!

OVERVIEW:  (Estimated Duration: 40-60 mins)

Jackie explains that this week they are getting out of the gym for a pool work out. Water exercises can relieve the stress caused by running, kickboxing or other land exercises. Water has a higher resistance than air.


Warm Up

1) Water jog - jog in place – 5 minutes

Work Out

1) Free Style – Swim Interval laps – 6 laps and Non-Swimmers use kickboard and bubble.

2) Surface Push Ups – push ups on mat out of water – 2 sets of 10

3) Water Squats – squats in water - 3 Sets of 15

4) Arm circles/high knee lift – upper body is above water and lower body below water. Arm circles and kicking knee as high as possible, alternating, while doing arm circles -  3 sets of 15 on each side

5) Water Crunch – hold onto the wall behind you, kick out your legs in front of you and bring them back in (circle: legs outward and bring them back in) – 1-2 sets of 30

6) Surface Side Planks on Mats – 2 minutes on each side

7) Water Jog (SHALLOW END) – 5 minutes

8) Scissor jump - Execute a scissors jump. Start in a standing position. As you jump, one leg moves straight forward and the other moves directly behind the body. Alternate front and back. The arms move in opposition to the legs – 2 sets of 15

9) Water Jumping Jacks – jumping jacks in water - 50

10) Kick Boxing Moves with weights– using weight for one arm to push water, client pivots and hops in the water while punching with weight.  Use the weight to push water away. 2 sets of 15 on each side

11) Surface Leg Lifts on Mats – clients lie on back and do leg lifts - 2 sets of 15

12) Water Kettle Bell Lifts – bring kettle bells from bottom of shallow end of pool to surface (possibly relay style)

13) Water Line Jumping – jump from side to side and front and back (line that is at bottom of pool).  This is a good ab work out.  Clients can do 50 each.

COOL DOWN: Surface stretching on mats.

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