Week 2: Bryan

Week 2: Bryan

Check out what Bryan was eating this week.

Day 6 

Jackie's Morning Shake

Chicken Salad Wrap


2 small pieces of tri tip

Green beans

Wild rice

Small salad barely dressed

1/4 cup whole wheat pasta with meat sauce

Lots of Water


Day 7

Jackie's Protein Shake w/ banana, berries

Chicken Sandwich on 1 piece of whole wheat

1/4 Fresh Fruit

1/4 Cous Cous Salad w/ veggies

1/4 BBQ Chicken Breast

4 BBQ Shrimp

Corn on the cob

Spoonful of Baked Beans

Iced Tea


Day 8

Jackie’s Protein Shake


Grilled Chicken w/ lentils and spinach

Seared Ahi Tuna w/ avocado, red onions, wasabi vinaigrette


Day 9 

Protein shake w/ 1/2 cup oatmeal


Greek salad with chicken

Protein Shake

Salmon with capers, rosemary and lemon

Black wild rice

Avocado, red onion and tomato salad

Day 10 

Jackie's Protein Shake

Half breakfast Burrito with chicken, black bean and corn salsa on whole wheat tortilla

1/2 cup Fresh fruit salad

1/2 BBQ chicken sandwich whole wheat tortilla wrap

2 brown rice cakes with artichoke and spinach hummus

6 grilled shrimp with vegetable salad

Lots of water


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