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Week 4: Scooter Me Baby

Bryan never misses an opportunity for a laugh, even when it involves a grocery store scooter. 

Day 18

Would kill for something sweet! I mean, I might actually KILL someone -- not really, but this has been such a struggle to rid myself of sugar. I know Jackie says it is the devil, and I know that she is right, but it is still incredibly taxing and irritating. When does it get easier? Can someone wave a magic wand and make the craving go away? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Day 19

Grocery shopping today was super fun. I took the easy and fun way to electric scooter. They had offered the cart to Joe who turned it down, so I saw the comedy gold and went for it...and never looked back. Nikki and I kept trying to sneak bad food into each other's carts while no one was looking...Very funny. Although being in a regular supermarket was very difficult. So many temptations everywhere! Get me out!!

Day 20

Things are slowly taking a turn for the better. I can finally button a pair of pants that I was unable to button for years. It was a very good feeling. Starting to see a slight ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Feeling better about myself and thankful to Jackie and Craig for helping me get through this.

Day 21

I am SOOOOOOO pissed. I pulled a muscle that hurt like a bitch today, and I need to walk away from the workout -- NOTE TO SELF: Never say you are hurt in front of a group of firefighters or EMT workers. All hell breaks loose. People over reacted, and I was not allowed to finish the most fun workout. I was FURIOUS and decided to go home and workout anyways.

Day 22

Therapy was good today. Dr. Ramani had some very insightful things to say that really resonated with me. Hearing everyone’s stories really hit home. In a way, we all share very similar problems. Putting others first, not feeling loved, not feeling like we are enough...Very eye opening. Interested to see what the coming weeks hold.

Day 23

Weight is still coming off but not in the way I would like it to. The numbers are no where near as high as they have been the first two weeks. Although I have lost 5 inches on my waistline, so I am happy with that. I wish I could feel it more. People tell me they can see a major change, but I still feel like the Fatty Patty that I was when I first walked in. Hope the switch flips soon. Not sure how much more I can take of this...

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