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Week 2 Workout

Get fit while you watch with this workout from Karena and Katrina!

By Karena Dawn & Katrina Hodgson

Squat, Curl, and Twist

Tones the abs, thighs, arms, and booty!

Squat down with dumbbells in hand, and as you stand back up, twist to one side and perform a bicep curl.

Repeat x15 alternating sides

Back Lunge and Spiral Press

Sculpts the thighs, booty, and shoulders!

Lunge back holding your dumbbells in front of your chest, palms facing you. Stand back up & press the weights up as you rotate your arms so that your palms face forward at the top.

Repeat x15 alternating sides

Front Shoulder Raise (with a Booty Kickback)

Lifts and tones the booty and shoulders!

Stand tall with dumbbells in both hands, and kick your right leg back as you lift both the weights up in front of you with straight arms. Slowly lower to starting position and repeat for the opposite side. Keep your abs engaged for balance.

Repeat x15 alternating sides

Lunge Row (and Waistline Press)

Tones the thighs, back, arms, and shoulders while sculpting your waistline!

Begin in a side lunge, left leg out and bent, with your left hand on your knee, and your right hand below your shoulder. Row your elbow up to your waistline, rotate your elbow down so that it is under your wrist as you straighten your torso, and press up!

Repeat x10 on each side Crossover Tummy Tuck (with a Glute Kickback)

Sculpts the lower abs, lifts the booty, and tones the shoulders!

In a plank position on your hands, pull your right knee up in front and across your body, bringing it towards your left elbow. Slowly return to the start, but extend your right leg back out and up into a glute kickback!

Repeat x10 on each side.


Tightens your waistline and sculpts the backs of your arms!

Start this move in down-dog, and slowly lower down into a plank position. Lower your body to the ground, controlling the movement with your triceps, and then push your upper body up with your arms, pulling your chest forward and shoulders up. Finish by lifting your booty back up into down-dog using your abs.

Repeat x5

The Mermaid

Sculpts the entire waistline!

Lay on your side and roll back onto your booty with your elbow beneath your shoulder for support. Cross your right ankle over your left and perform leg lifts!

Repeat x12 on each side

Repeat from the beginning for 2 total rounds.

Butterfly Bicycle Crunch

Sculpts your core, especially the lower abs!

Perform a crunch as you lift your right leg straight up and reach your left elbow to your right knee. Slowly lower back down and repeat on the opposite side!

Repeat x10 alternating sides

Ab Crunch

Tightens and tones your abs!

Lay on your back with your feet pulled up toward your booty so that your knees
create a 90º angle. Keeping your lower back on the mat, crunch up enough to pull your shoulder blades off the mat. Use your hands to support your neck, but do not pull on your head!

Repeat x15

Leg Raise

Sculpts and tightens the lower abs.

Stay in the same position you were just in, with your back on the mat and your knees bent at 90º. Lift your legs off the mat, pulling them up towards you, using your lower abs. Lower them back down slowly to tap the mat and repeat

Repeat x15

Repeat the ab circuit from the beginning for two total rounds.Booty March

Lift and tones the booty!

With your back on the mat, and legs bent, press into your heels to lift your booty up creating a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Squeeze your booty forward through your hips and lift one foot up at a time!

Repeat x20

Heat Wave

Tones and lifts the booty, and slims the waistline!

Start in the same position as before, now with both feet planted. Slowly rotate your hips side to side rocking like a hammock on the beach.

Repeat x25 total Watch the workout now:

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