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Week 3 Workout

Get fit while you watch with this workout from Karena and Katrina!

By Karena Dawn & Katrina Hodgson

Angel Wing and Curl

Tones your shoulders, arms, and core!

Stand tall with a dumbbell in each hand. Bring the weight up in front of you at eye level, swing your arms out to your sides, and perform a bicep curl. Slowly lower your arms back out to your sides, and repeat.

Repeat x20

Standing Cross Crunch

Sculpts your abs and tones your booty

Stand tall with a dumbbell in each hand, one hand extended above you in the air, the other by your side. Crunch your knee up to meet your elbow as you pull it down in front of you! Maintain a strong core, and squeeze that booty!

Repeat x15 on each side

Perfect Arms

Works your shoulders and arms right where you want it to!

Bend over slightly with dumbbells in hand, and begin by performing a front raise bringing the weight in front of you at eye level, arms straight. Lower back down and perform a lateral raise lifting the weight out to your sides. Lower back down to starting position and row your elbows back tucking them into your sides. Finish by kicking the weight back performing a tricep kickback by straightening your arms in place behind you!

Repeat x15 through

TIU Tummy Tuck

Sculpts your core and tones the back of your arms!

Begin in a plank position, and perform a tricep pushup, kissing your elbows to your waistline! Push back up and kick your knee out to the side and up to your elbow! Do this for both sides then repeat from the start!

Repeat x10 through V-Sits

Cinches your lower, middle, and upper abs all in one move!

Begin in Boat Pose with your knees slightly bent, and slowly extend down keeping your core tight, and without touching your feet or shoulders to the mat! Crunch back up by bringing your knees up to meet your chest. Keep your balance! For needed support, lightly place your hands just behind your booty!

Repeat x20

Pistol Crunch

Targets and tones your lower abs and obliques!

Begin on your back with one leg stretched out straight, and the other above you at 90º! Point your clasped hands to the outside of your raised leg, and crunch your shoulder blades off the mat. Perform leg raises with just the one leg that is extended up above you, trying not to let it touch the ground too long, just a quick soft tap!

Repeat x20 before switching sides

Ab Crunch

Cinches and sculpts your abs!

Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet slightly in front of your knees. Holding onto your head for support (do not pull on your neck!) crunch up using your abs to lift your shoulder blades off the mat!

Repeat x15 alternating sides

Watch the workout now:

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