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Week 4 Workout

Get fit while you watch with this workout from Karena and Katrina!

By Karena Dawn & Katrina Hodgson


Warms up the core, shoulders and arms! Prepares the whole body to work!

Stand tall with kettlebell in hand, lift one leg slightly and place it behind you, balancing on your opposite leg. Slowly swing the kettlebell around your waist, bringing around your body in circles.

Repeat x20 before switching directions

Modified Windmills

Tones the shoulders, arms, and core!

Raise your kettlebell overhead, keeping your left arm extended directly above your shoulder. Place your legs a bit wider than shoulder width apart, with your right foot pointed out at 45º and your left foot pointing straight. Rest your right hand, palm open, against your right thigh as you end at the hip in the direction of your right foot. Slide your right hand down to your ankle, keeping the kettlebell directly above your shoulder.
Keep your eyes on the kettlebell! Once your hand reaches your ankle, slowly straighten back up.

Repeat x15 before switching sides

Your Crush! Squat & Press

This total body moves sculpts the thighs, shoulders and core, and lifts the booty!

Stand tall with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and both feet pointing out at 45º. Cradle your kettlebell with both hands in front of your chest, keeping your elbows tucked under your wrists. Squat back & down, keeping your back flat, getting your booty back behind your heels. Make sure your knees stay directly above your toes, and your thighs get as close to parallel with the ground as possible. Press up through your heels as your press your kettlebell to the sky directly above your shoulders. Pause at the top, then lower the weight back down before repeating.

Repeat x20Upright Row

Sculpts the top of the shoulders, tones the arms, and cinches the core!

Stand tall on your right leg, with your kettlebell in your left hand. Keep your core tight, and your hips square to the mat, pull your left elbow up and out to the side, letting the kettlebell hang directly under your shoulder as your row up. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed and down.

Repeat x15 before switching sides

Clean & Press

Tones the abs, backs of the thighs, shoulders, booty and chest + triceps!

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, feet at 45º. Place your kettlebell just inside and in front of your left foot, with the handle parallel to your left foot. Squat down & back at the hips as you reach down to grasp your kettlebell, palm facing back at you. As you press into your heels to stand back up, pull your elbow up, pulling the kettlebell up to your shoulder. As you do this, rotate your elbow in to your waist and under your wrist so that the kettlebell is resting on the outside of your wrist, just in front of your shoulder. From here, press the kettlebell straight up! Repeat this sequence in reverse to bring the kb back down to the mat, and repeat.

Repeat x15 before switching sides

Single Leg Deadlift & Row

Sculpts the backs of the thighs, and the back while toning the arms, and core!

Stand at the back of your mat with feet together, the kettlebell in your left hand. Perform a single leg deadlift by hinging forward at your hip, and kicking your left leg back keeping a straight line from your ankle to your neck. Allow the kettlebell to hang under your shoulder, and when your hips are bent at 90º perform a row with your left arm, pulling your elbow up and kissing your wrist to your waistline.
Slowly lower the kettlebell back down straightening your arm, and then stand back up.

Repeat x10 before switching sidesSingle Arm Kettlebell Swings

Strengthens and tones the inner thighs, the backs of the thighs, tones the abs, and lifts the booty!

Stand tall with your kettlebell in both hands hanging in front of your hips. Dip your hips down toward the ground, allowing the kb to swing back between your knees. Pressing into your heels, quickly press up and popping forward through your hips, as you pull your shoulders back to stand tall as the kettlebell swings up in front of your chest.

Release your right hand as the kettlebell reaches the ‘zero gravity’ point of the move where the kettlebell is out in front of your shoulders. Lower back down, matching the motion of the kettlebell so that you are squatting down as the kettlebell reaches the lowest point, and immediately press back up again to swing the kettlebell up again, switching hands at the top point of the swing!

Repeat x50!!

Tricep Pushup with a Glute Kick

Sculpts the back of the arms, tones the core, and lifts the booty!

Begin in a plank position, your wrists directly below your shoulders, your knees lowered, keeping your back flat. Perform a tricep pushup, lowering yourself down to the mat as you keep your elbows in to kiss your waistline. As you lower down, kick your left leg straight back and as high as you can! Press yourself back up as you tuck your knee to the mat, and repeat for the other side

Repeat x10 alternating sides
Turkish Crunch

This tones the entire core, and helps stabilize the shoulders!

Lay on your mat with your left leg bent at 90º and your right leg flat on the mat and out at 45º. Hold your kettlebell straight above you in your left arm, keeping it directly above your shoulder at all points of this move. With your right arm out at your side at 45º, crunch up by squeezing your abs and sitting up onto your right elbow. Hold yourself here for a beat before slowly lowering yourself back down to the mat.

Repeat x10 for each side

Side Plank

Cinches the entire waistline and sculpts the abs!

Start in a side plank position on your side, supporting your torso with your left elbow directly below your shoulder on the mat. Either on your knees, or with straight legs, crunch your hips up into the air, maintaining a straight line through your hips & back, to your knees. Lower your hips down to tap the mat and repeat.

Repeat x10 before switching sides

Sculpts and cinches the entire core!

Begin in a plank position on your toes and elbows. Keeping a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles, swivel your hips over and down to tap them on the mat. Pull your hips back up to center and then tap them to the other side!

Repeat x20 alternating sides

Watch the workout now:

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