Ep 2: Shirley Chung vs. Brooke Williamson

Ep 2: Shirley Chung vs. Brooke Williamson

Season 1 |
Aired: August 13, 2014

Both finalists in their respective seasons, Los Angeles Chef Brooke Williamson and Las Vegas Restaurant Consultant Shirley Chung were mere inches from victory, but the title slipped through their fingers. Now is their time for redemption. First, Shirley challenges Brooke to a "weird shellfish" showdown and then Brooke attacks Shirley's Achilles heel and asks her to make a vegan dessert. For the Duel that determines who goes on to the finale, the Chefs must step under the big top making dishes based on the circus to impress the judges and special guest P!nk. Neither Chef wants to go home empty handed again.

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