Ep 3: Mike Isabella vs. Antonia Lofaso

Ep 3: Mike Isabella vs. Antonia Lofaso

Season 1 |
Aired: August 20, 2014

Revenge is a dish best served. . .well, any temperature on Top Chef Duels. DC Restaurateur Mike Isabella and LA Restaurateur Antonia Lofaso have a long, storied Top Chef history. Besides discovering that they are cousins on All-Stars, Mike's victory prevented Antonia from moving on to the finale. Now can she take him down in the duel? First Antonia challenges Mike to make a better rice ball, then Mike gives Antonia a fish and shellfish butchery challenge. For the Duel, these competitive cousins go head-to-head in an Italian-themed smack down. Michael Chiarello joins the judges as well as the Chefs’ families to pick the winner. Who can win the family feud?

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