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Morgan Stole Ed's Pea Puree.'s Senior Editor has a conspiracy theory.

Hello my little mille-feuilles! First of all, thank you to "MaggieSC1" for her lone comment last week. That PB & J pie you mentioned sounds out of this world. I love peanut butter. Keep the comments coming!

I have some cupcakes to bake for a dinner party this Friday, so let me get right to it! In this week's Quickfire, the chefs had to create savory desserts. I was waiting for this challenge, and I don't think it dissapointed. I was kind of shocked to hear so many chefs say they never bake with savory items. The chefs had to cook for Eric Ripert's Executive pastry Chef at Le Bernardin, Chef Michael Laiskonis, who I thought kind of resembled Willem Dafoe. Did anyone else notice that or is it just me? Anyway, Zac's beet cake wins, and he negotiates with Gail for money instead of immunity. I wonder how high Gail was allowed to go -- I'm going to assume she and Dawn were happy Zac settled for $5K! I personally would've gone for Yigit's dessert. Foi and bacon? Yes please. Speaking of  bacon in sweet dishes, I attended the Bacon & Blues event hosted by Todd English as part of the NYC Wine & Food Festival recently and South Houston, a restaurant I'd actually hever heard of, stole my heart ... and my stomach with their bacon waffles and bacon brittle. I'll have to check it out for brunch soon. Anyone ever been there?

In the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to create black and white desserts for the L.A. Times' 128th anniversary. The only black and white dessert that immediately came to mind was of course anything by Hostess or Little Debbie and the Domino dessert at Calle Ocho (try it -- you won't be sorry). Let's break down each dish: The adorable Eric impressed with his improved plating skills, and he was just so proud of himself that I almost cried. Zac made his signature dish, the fried whoopie pie, which I've had at Flex Mussels, and always recommend to friends dining there. Heather H. remained obstinate and created a dish that didn't quite meet the color requirements. Also, there was a bit of a a tiff over some white chocolate crispy treats that Team Go-Diva seems to think Morgan stole. I don't want to start something, but wasn't it Yigit that hid the bacon from everyone but his friends during the Quickfire? Mm-hmm. Yigit is obviously one of my favesies, but I'd like to think Morgan wouldn't just steal someone's food. (Maybe he stole Ed Cotton's pea puree too?!) Luckily for Heather H., her dish tasted better than Erika's. I understand Erika's defensiveness about her ice cream, but all of the judges said it didn't taste good. I did find remarks to Dannielle hilarious, and I don't know why. Dannielle is the sweetest person ever, so having someone so bitter towards her was kind of amusing. Although Danielle got slammed for her "128" dessert because the petits fours didn't form a cohesive dish, I thought her idea was a lot of fun, and the negativity towards it actually surprised me. Also, Danielle is HILARIOUS. I know that the other chefs have said she's like a cartoon, but she, like, really, really is. Her expressions and voices are priceless. Did you listen to her try to describe her dessert to the guests? Amazing.The highlight for me this week was really the re-emergence of another Bravo character of sorts -- Wisit from Top Design. Did you see this?! You remember Wisit right? Look:

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Bravolebrities show up in the darndest places don't they? Next week is RESTAURANT WARS or Top Chef: Just Desserts' version of it. I am beyond psyched. Sooo, now that we're down to six chefs -- who do you think is emerging as the favorite to win it all?


Happy Noshing!

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