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Project Souffle?

This week's challenge reminded's Senior Editor of a different kind of show.

Hello my little frozen souffles! I was a bum last week, but I'm back. On a sidenote, please check out my Assistant Editor Andrew's amazing new Bam! Squad blog. He is a huge Real Housewives of Atlanta superfan, and he'll be breaking down each episode in a very Bravo way. He's hilarious and adorable and you'll love him, so read it and leave flattering comments, will ya?

OK back to my blog! Last week's episode was, well, heavy, so we obviously had to start with something light and fluffy ... namely souffles! Now, if I may make a confession, I don't care for souffles ... like, at all. I don't know what it is, but they're usually chocolate and I don't really care for super-chocolatey desserts, "lava cakes," or anything along those lines. That's why Zac Young's "frozen" souffle actually sounded amazing to me, because it wasn't really a souffle at all. Guest Judge Sherry Yard apparently does like souffles however, and even thought some of our chefs' were pretty damn tasty (just not Zac's). In fact, Yigit's chocolate souffle won. I don't know why I knew that he would win, but chocolate souffles are so traditional and simple that I knew if he executed it perfectly, he would win. Simplicity always wins in the end ... if it's delicious.

The Elimination Challenge was just plain entertaining to me. It almost felt like the old days of Project Runway. In this challenge, the chefs had to create edible ensembles and then two petits fours for accessories. I have to say although the two dresses made of veggies seemed out of place on this show, I kind of liked Danielle's. Apparently I was the only one. I felt bad for Eric, who really, really tried, but he just couldn't get anything to stay put. The petits fours were all adorable, albeit large. I was hoping to see something a little more than a ton of purses, but I honestly couldn't tell you what else would have made any sense. I always carry floss in my purse, so that may have been an unexpected petit four surprise!

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In the end Morgan's "sexy" look prevailed. I have to say Morgan made me a little uncomfortable in this episode because I don't know what would have happened if we left him alone with his dress form, but his dress did look wearable. The other chefs, namely Heather H., who complained about how quickly he finished were obviously just nervous theirs wouldn't be done in time. It's like when Christian Siriano used to finish early and people would get mad. Some people are just faster. OK enough with the Runway comparisons. Heather's draping was impressive though, and I was happy Dannielle called that out. My ultimate "look" was obviously Yigit's because it was basically chocolate couture. Maybe Lady Gaga could have worn that for dessert following the meat dress course at the VMAS, hmm?

My favorite moment of the whole episode was when Zac presented his dress and Johnny nearly lost it. He just could not stop laughing and even had to cover his mouth. He then called Zac a "silly little bastard" at Judges' Table. Sigh. What a highlight.

The season is moving along and I'm still loving it. In fact, it has really inspired me to bring out my sweet side. I have been baking up a storm. Most recently I made snickerdoodle cupcakes for my VP's birthday, and they were a huge hit. Take a look:


I've been using Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book. For the snickerdoodle cupcakes particularly, I wasn't feelin' Martha's frosting recommendation, so I made the one on this site instead. BIG HIT! I highly recommend it. You'll see I even left a comment for the blogger as proof!

Anyway, what have you been baking?


Happy noshing!

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