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How Are The Mighty Fallen

Harold Dieterle on Rocco DiSprito.


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Let me start with Rocco: How are the mighty fallen. I've staged in his kitchen at times and he's incredible. The food in that kitchen was incredible. At the time I was like probably 21 years old, and I was scared to work there because I didn't think I could cut it. That being said, at the end of the day -- you gotta know you're a cook. There are times I don't know if he was thinking like one. It's worrisome. Which Rocco are we going to get? The smartest thing for him to do is open a 50/60 seat restaurant where he is in the kitchen cooking everything and just get back into it.

Let me talk about the quickfire: we had a blind taste in the first season. It was tough because half of the ingredients, I haven't even seen or heard of, not to mention, we were blind folded. You look at these ingredients -- bow-tie pasta. Are you kidding me? That's a joke. There was some yucca, some thai eggplant, there was some interesting stuff in there but overall, I honestly thought it was too easy. A little too "culinary student." The only thing I thought was tough was the raspberry vinegar because that's one of those things when you taste pure straight up vinegar, it just hits you so hard. All you're getting is acid and it kills all your taste buds.

As for the elimination challenge - I think Tre and CJ nailed it. Watching what these guys are doing - you realize that everybody else is just standing around. Those two had it down. It seemed like the other teams didn't really figure out what the challenge was. As for Hung and Joey -watching those two kind of battle it out, I was surprised to see Joey get sent home. I really was, I thought the cheesemaker Sarah would get the boot. That was what my prediction was. In this particular competition, I never really thought that either dish was successful. So it comes down to -- which one is worse? It's very interesting watching Howie when he is on the chopping block. He's very aggressive and vocal, he doesn't handle the stress well.

Hung said he had it figured out, but then he didn't apply his knowledge -- that's how I look at it. It was obviously going to happen - if you cook your pasta and put the sauce around it, what do you think is going to happen when it's steaming and hot and you put it in the freezer? It's going to be a mess. I'm surprised it wasn't worse. All in all, a good episode, and I have to get back into the kitchen. See you next week.

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