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Dale: Don't Hate The Player

Dale defends his Asian flair.

How to Watch

Watch Top Chef Season 21 Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo and next day on Peacock. Quickfire: What did you think when you saw Sam Talbot was guest judge? Were you a fan during Season 2?
I was kind of indifferent, but I thought Sam's food was good on the show. Onto the Elimination: What do you think the keys to winning this challenge were?
My keys to the the Elimination were to serve a healthy meal that would satisfy a cop, more meat and potatoes, but healthier. One of the other chefs during the show commented that you have been doing a lot of Asian dishes -- are you worried that this might hurt you at all?
No, and this is a point of contention with me, and I don't know if this question was pulled out of her, but this is the style of food that I've concentrated on since I started cooking, and it naturally comes to with my Filipino background. Who the f*** cares. This is my food -- it's what I do. I take this very personally. I've been fortunate enough to work with some great chefs: Chef Morimoto Masaharu, Jean Georges, Jeff Felsenthal, Carrie Nahabedian, Yen Tran, Lon symensma, and they've all influenced me in on way or another, and now I've been able express it in my own way. I'm not like others who work for one chef, one restaurant for eight years. It's really weird to me that this individual would have any thing to comment on me since she never worked with me on any of the challenges. What was the inspiration for your Elimination dish?
My inspiration for my dish was Korean BBQ at 4:30 in the morning. Did you get a chance to taste any of the other dishes? What did you think?
I tried Steph's and Richard's -- her soup was great, and Rich's dish was perfectly seasoned and well-executed. What did you think of the ingredients Spike chose, which you could not use? Would you have chosen differently or did you think he chose wisely?
They seemed very pedestrian to me. What made you think to use the bison meat? Is this something you cook with often?
l thought immediately lean protein, and I've cooked with it once before so I knew how it needed to be treated. Anything else you'd like to add?
I just want let people know that I love the haters. As I'm watching the show it's funny to me that some of my competitors who I barely ever had any interaction with have strong opinions about me.

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