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Jennifer: Doing It for Zoi

Jennifer Biesty explains how her girlfriend's elimination fired her up. First let's talk Quickfire -- what was the most important part of conquering the beer challenge? How important is beer pairing in today's culinary world? Conquering the beer challenge is perfect for me. I love wine, and always drink wine with dinner, but tend to drink beer while relaxing. The gastro pub seen has brought in more cooking with beer, I agree with Koren: Mussels and beer are a great match, and obviously fried food and beer.

How to Watch

Watch Top Chef on Bravo and next day on Peacock. How familiar are you with Koren Grieveson, the guest judge?
I never met her before but I had heard of Avec and was attracted to the concept of the restaurant. Avec has a wood oven and so does COCO5OO. our styles are similar. What was your inspiration for your dish?
My inspiration on the prawn scallop fritters came from the Caribbean beer for sure. I didn't give it a second thought. Fried food, rich, spicy sauce -- perfect. You said that Zoi's elimination kind of gave you a push -- can you describe how you were feeling after she left?
After Zoi left I felt angry -- she is such a talent it just felt wrong. At first I thought Spike should of gone, but now Richard with fish scales and mushy fish over needing more sea salt. Come on! How did you feel after winning the Quickfire?
After winning the challenge, I was exhilarated. It was my first win. I was thrilled and felt much deserved. Onto the Elimination Challenge -- what was your thought process for creating your dish?
Tailgating is about big flavors. Get the crowd pumped. I wanted to do that, but also put a Greek spin on my dish, for Zoi. Also Chicago is such a Greek town! Have you ever been to a tailgate? What would you want to see at one?
I have been to many tailgate parties with my Friends and family, burgers, ribs, and always have to have something on a stick. I had alligator on a stick at a Saints game in New Orleans! Did you ever consider using the charcoal grill like Mark did?
No. I am actually not a grill master; Zoi always grills. I went for gas because I was under the gun. I love the flavor over gas for sure. That Weber is a sick grilling monster.

Are you familiar with Chef Kahan -- what did you think of him as judge for this challenge?
I think he was perfect for this challenge -- he is the chef of two of the best restaurants in Chicago, in my eye. And he seems like a total football fan, a real guy! What did you think of the other dishes?
I thought Dale's ribs looked great. He had none to spare, and Andrew was having a great time of it! Didn't get to see mush else.

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