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Stephanie: Restaurant Warrior

Stephanie discusses her big win. First the Quickfire: Being from Chicago, have you ever been there for breakfast?

How to Watch

Watch Top Chef Season 21 Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo and next day on Peacock. Have you ever worked a short order line? What was the experience like with the egg orders being thrown at you?
I have never worked as a short order cook. I think the system they have with calling one egg when they want two and two when they want four threw some of us off a little bit. Then when they asked me for beef and I did not even know they had beef I got a little flustered. I certainly have respect for the guys who work in "the hole" on a regular basis there. What is the key to cooking the perfect egg?
Just make sure you make it how the customer wants it ... people are pretty particular about their eggs. Onto the Elimination: Were you happy that you got to keep the same team as Wedding Wars?
Very happy with the team. I would have chosen the exact way. Think we are three of the strongest contenders at this point wo how could we go wrong. Had you been planning a Restaurant Wars idea because you knew it happened every season?
I hoped there would be a Restaurant Wars seeing as it is everyone's favorite episode. I came with a pretty clear vision of what type of place I would want to open for the night. The whole gastro pub concept seemed to be your idea -- what was your inspiration?
Gastro pubs are up and coming in Chicago. Paul Kahan who is very well known here is opening one soon and it is highly anticipated. I just felt it was unique to the show and also representative of where people want to eat these days. How did you guys come up with the items on the menu?
We all sat down and brainstormed together, each bringing different dishes to the table. I think we all respect each other's cooking and ideas so we were able to make a great menu collaboratively. At Judges' Table you said you did the pasta, but it seemed Nikki was brought in just to do that -- how much did she actually help?
I made the dough and created the dish. Nikki helped by rolling out the pasta. Considering I had a whole other dish to do and set up the front of the house, it was great to have someone to roll out the dough which can take a little while. Were you all unanimous about bringing Nikki on or you would have preferred a different chef?
I would have been happy with either Nikki or Jen. I think after the other team picked Jen we were unanimous about bringing Nikki on. Did you get to try the other team's food? What did you think?
I did not get to try any of their food. A little too busy. Why did your team choose to make Antonia Executive Chef?
I offered to do front of the house and since Antonia had chosen the team it made sense that she be the exec chef. How confident were you feeling at this point, after winning Restaurant Wars -- both as a team and individually?
After this win I am feeling great! Only one more challenge to get through and I will have reached the goal of the final four. I also think that the three of us have proven to be the strongest of the bunch left with our performance in this challenge.

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