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Yay Lesbians!

This episode involved two of's Editor's least favorite things &emdash; beer and football, but she has lots to say about it anyway.

Sorry -- my entry title has nothing to do with much, other than Spike says "Yay lesbians" during the episode and it, well, made me uncomfortable.

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OK, so unlike "Film Food," this episode involved nothing I like, meaning I kinda hate football. But, this was by far the best episode of the season so far. Am I the only one who had a grin on my face the whole time? Maybe I'm just a sucker for coordinated paper plates, but I really loved how community-focused this episode was. While the block party challenge had the community involvement, this episode just seemed, well, happier. Or, again, maybe I'm just a sucker for coordinated paper plates, and, um, Top Chef jerseys! I honestly don't even know who I would talk to to get my hands on one of those! I'll have to talk to the Elves (our fabulous production company.)

So, the Quickfire also revolved around my least favorite alcoholic beverage -- beer. It's growing on me, but I'm more of a whiskey girl myself. The chefs chose beers and had to make simple food to complement it. All I could think was fried food and salt ... lots of salt. Jennifer was out for blood and it paid off. I wonder if this will wear off or if Zoi's leaving was maybe the best thing that could've happened to her. (Maybe Zoi was like Jennifer's Jessica Simpson or Brooke Shields -- total performance-killers.) I'm not a scallop fan, but her dish looked damn tasty. Koren Grieveson was guest judge, and after I heard she was connected with Avec, I knew her name sounded familiar. Why? Because she just won a Food & Wine Best New Chef Award. Yay! I unfortunately didn't get to meet her at the ceremony/party the other week, but according to our dearly departed Ryan she's a "sweetheart." Also, I really liked her cleaver necklace pendant. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to create tailgate food for a bunch of hungry Bears. The only tailgating I've ever done is outside a Dave Matthews Band concert, and frankly, there wasn't much food present. (Ahem.) Anyway, Spike grabbed the wings early, so everyone else was trying to grab everything else they could. Some chefs decided to do twists on messy favorites -- Dale doing ribs, Richard a pate burger. That burger sounded DE-LISH. Nikki making her sausage and pepper sandwich cracked me up because being from Long Island, my male friends eat that ALL THE TIME. Either way, Dale's ribs won the day. But what won me over? Gale Sayers in the house! Brian's Song is one of those movies every guy has seen (along with The Usual Suspects, etc.) and every guy admits that it makes him cry. Speaking to Ryan this week for our Burning Questions blog, he admitted to never having seen it. And, I was all "Whaaat?!" I think I'm going to have to mail him a copy!

Um, and let's backtrack a hot second to Spike and Mark in the bath. Again, smile on my face. You know what Spike? If you want to take a bath with the coolest guy in the house, you go ahead. No one's going to stop you. Any other men out there with man crushes on Mark? Just wondering.

P.S. I still can't get over Andrew, and Gail looked so amused by him and his helmet mishap this episode, it was priceless.A few things I want to get your take on:

1. Are we liking Dale more and more with each episode? Besides the fact that he responds with his Burning Questions answers in a timely manner (which may not matter to you, but is HUGE for me), he's pretty talented and logical -- my favorite combo. Although the crazy gals at Amuse-Biatch are so on point with THIS that I can't even deny it.

2. Did anyone else giggle when Lisa was beating her meat? (Yes -- I'm 12 years old.)

3. Does Ryan remind anyone else of Rocco? Charismatic, very handsome .... Maybe just me.

4. What is with chefs and hats? Spike ... Tom ... Paul Kahan .... I'm thinking they're just used to having something on their heads in the kitchen -- anyone care to try to explain?

5. Did you guys see the new promos for our A-List Awards? I got excited and I work here! It's gonna be nuts.

That's all I got this week. Leave me comments -- it really does brighten up my hectic day. Also, keep leaving suggestions.

- "superfan"

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