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Snooze Alert!

Jamie wishes the other chefs would have had more fun at their hotels.

By Jamie Lauren

OK, OK, OK. I have already decided you all are going to hate me this week. In fact, I might even be annoyed with myself, but after viewing this week's Top Chef, I have to say, I literally feel like I have nothing nice to say. Well, maybe one or two things which I will touch upon later, but in all honesty this one was a snoozer! So, before I get into what I have to say about the show I have a couple of things to address first. I wanted to respond to some of the comments I received from my last blog, which definitely seemed to cause a little bit of a stir.

No. 1: I did not watch that reunion show, so I apologize for not writing a blog about it. In fact, I didn't even know about it until my mom emailed the next day to let me know how terrible it was. But apparently they showed a clip of Leah and I tanked from last year. I swear, I am not a drunk. It was circumstance. Stuck in a room for hours and hours with nothing but bottles of booze around for the taking... what would you do? Enough said.

No. 2: I have eaten at Greens here in San Francisco and I thought it was great. I don't hate vegetarians. I just don't want to marry, date, or have to be around one for extended periods of time.

No. 3: I didn't write about Mike Isabella, because I honestly thought Robin was going to go home. As I have said in the past, I don't watch the endings of the episodes so it's all based on guess. That being said, I definitely did not miss Mike's sexist machismo self on this week's episode.

No. 4: Tom C made a comment about Jen losing it this far into the competition. I can't say I don't agree. Remember, I went home this week on my season, when the top six were left, and part of the reason why is because I was OVER it. I was tired. I was antsy. I was spent. I could barely think anymore. It is so hard to remained focused and keep your head in the game day after day after day. In all reality, the chefs that make it to the final four are probably the ones with the most well-behaved mental stamina. I was not that person. Once you let the mind take over, the body loses control.

No. 5: To the commenter who wants to go to culinary school: I went to the Culinary Institute of America. For me, it was beyond helpful; it taught me to focus, grow up, and be professional. I don't necessarily think that culinary school is for everyone, but if you really want to go I would suggest looking into the CIA. I think I got a fairly decent food education, that sadly I am still paying for now (I heart you student loans).

No. 6: To the commenter who converted your girlfriend to a fish eater, I say well done! We need more folks like you ridding the world of evil vegetarians. I say this in the kindest way possible. Thank you.

Now moving on. This is going to be brief, because I honestly don't feel like there is much substance to talk about. First things first ... the Quickfire. Breakfast in bed. I was just having a conversation with my pastry and sous-chefs (both boys) and I was explaining to them the concept of this week's episode. The minute I mentioned that Padma and Nigella were served breakfast in bed for the Quickfire they both looked at me and asked if they were in the same bed, which I have to say is a very valid point. I wouldn't have minded that at all. The breakfast foods looked OK. I was disappointed with Robin's blintzes (and frankly, I am so tired of listening to her complain about herself. Good lord, woman Shut up already!). Eli's corned beef dish sounded super good, along with Bryan's dish, though I think the vanilla would have thrown me off a tad as well, but his plate looked really well put together and was probably the prettiest of the breakfast items. Jen on the other hand: creamed chipped beef? Really? I'm sorry, but that sounds disgusting and didn't look much better either and I can't believe she said "s**t on a shingle" to Nigella and Padma. Kevin, as usual, made a hearty-looking, well-done dish. Someone give this guy the prize already; he is a solid competitor. Hey Eli, kudos to you. Welcome to the cookbook club!

Onto the Elimination. This is where I felt the snooze come on. Watching each chef walk around the hotels in Vegas couldn't have been any less exciting. Vegas is filled with life. It's constantly moving. It never sleeps. There is always action. Why weren't these chefs having any fun exploring? With the exception of Kevin who got to play with dolphins it seemed like the rest of them could have cared less about being at the other hotels. As far as the food is concerned, I know how hard it is to cook for 175 people in three hours, alone. There is nothing easy about a challenge like this. When it's all said and done, Robin is still talking about sabotaging herself as usual, Eli is making a peanut soup that sounds so revolting I wouldn't let my cats eat it, and Jen seems like a chicken with her head cut off. It's interesting to see the dividing line between the group of chefs. The other guys are confident and on top of it and seem to be coming up with some really great dishes. I was especially excited about Micheal's chicken wing dish. The frozen bleu cheese dressing was awesome. I love the idea of him using an anti-griddle to add texture and a cooling element to his dish. Again, he is doing some really rad stuff. Kevin's compressed vegetable salad with the wild salmon looked great too, and seemed like the perfect dish for an event like this one. Rounding out the top for me in this episode was Bryan. His flavor profiles sounded great together and also well rounded. So that leaves us with Jen, Eli, and Robin. My thoughts are bye-bye Eli. I really think that soup may have hurt him. That being said, I really, really really hope Robin goes home for the mere fact that I cannot stand watching her anymore, and her panna cotta paled in comparison to the other chefs. I don't believe it is Jen's turn yet, though that stoney beef should be enough reason to send her packing, so all in all I think any of them deserve to go home and frankly, I couldn't care less who does. I only care about who is left standing.

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