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Bachelors, Briefs, And The Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

India Hicks on bachelors, teamwork, and life in LA.

As defined by the English dictionary a Bachelor: is not married and not in a long-term romantic or sexual relationship. Hardly surprising when you saw the state of these three chaps' pads.

What a significant contrast to last week when the Project Runway designers came to the show with briefs, which were often rather elaborate and overly specific. This week the bachelors were monosyllabic and incapable of giving a specific or even particularly articulate brief.

Words like "cool' and "simple" mean very different things to different people. My eleven and nine-year-old sons think "cool" is graffiti and pushing all the sitting room furniture to one side of the room so that they can rip-stick the length of the house .... As it was, our three teams of designers were left with very blank canvases on which to create.

'Team' of course is another important word. Defined by the English dictionary: a number of people organized to function cooperatively as a group. Eddie, Ondine and Natalie, Teresa Wisit and Andrea all functioned cooperatively. Nathan Preston and Shaz did not. Did Shaz join this team with a persecution complex or was it the team that gave her the complex?

Through out the challenge Shaz tried to assert herself, dogmatically forcing through a decision that was fatal to the end design and in doing so alienated herself from her team mates.

Our judges are always asking where the designer's voice is, hoping for something fresh, unique or dynamic. Shaz's voice was sadly, rather shrill and discordant, and as one watched her either talking to her colleague or straight to camera almost everything she said was accompanied by the clunking sound of another log landing on her funeral pyre.

In these weekly revisits of our Top Design story I am reminded of what an adventure it was.

Yes at times my life in LA was like life on Mars, very alien, but I loved Los Angeles. I LOVE LA! To learn more about India visit

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