Big Daddy Doesn't Know Best

Big Daddy Doesn't Know Best

Jonathan Adler on why Kerry Howard's window display failed.

Jonathan Adler usually hates it when reality TV contestants refer to themselves in the third person. Suede on Project Runway, Omarosa on whatever show she happens to be on, and I recall our own Eddie Ross referring to "The Eddie Ross Look" in an elimination or two. But, when "Big Daddy" Kerry referred to himself as Big Daddy, Jonathan Adler just found it endearing. Honestly, everything about the dearly-departed Big Daddy was endearing and I (I'm finished with the third-personing, I just did it to meet my contractual word count requirements) was heartbroken to see him go. His first two challenges were kinda good and he was adorably sweet and likeable. But, Holy Mother of God was that window a shonda!!!!


It was bad -- random crap all over the place, terrible lighting, and, most unforgivably, the Jeffrey Sebelia pantsuit looked atrocious! Naughty Kerry, naughty Wisit, bad bad bad!


Also bad bad bad was Nathan and Shazia's silly political window of nothingness. Color me confused! Andrae's whole schpiel about the political climate of gloom and Nathan and Shazia's narrative about destruction and doom was truly laughable. I prefer my windows sans political manifestos. Thank you.




The winning design, Ondine and Natalie's butterfly extravaganza for Sweet P. was BREATHTAKING. It was visually arresting. The butterflies were an ingenious gesture, the composition was flawless, it was beautifully lit, and the frock looked so good that I wanted to wear it. I was truly blown away. Preston and Andrea's effort also deserves a shout-out. It was just what a display window should be: simple, clear, confident, communicative, and BEAUTIFUL. I loved that they created a narrative that looked good and drew me in, but didn't upstage the merch. The color choice was flawless and very sophisticated--that dark grey was the perfect choice to make the frock pop. I loved it.

Preston and Andrea's design reminded me of the windows Gene Moore created for Tiffany's in the '50s and '60s. His displays are legendary. Stop reading this silly blog about reality TV and do something productive: Google image Gene Moore windows right now. Now!!! And, while you're online reading blogs, playing solitaire, Googling yourself, whatever you're doing to avoid actual work, go to and order a copy of my brilliant husband Simon Doonan's book Confessions of a Window Dresser which is a compilation of his legendary Barneys windows. My Simon is the Gene Moore of today. p.s. Re: my husband Simon, by the time you read this we will be legally MARRIED!!! We're getting hitched on the 18th in SF. Thank you, California, for giving us our civil rights by making gay marriage legal.

- Jonathan Adler

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