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Episode Five: Triathlon Of Decorating

Get all the details on where the designers shopped for the triathlon.

TERESA Chair Leg Description: To race/run to grab a chair then race to grab/find a fabric for the chair then paint/stain and upholster the chair within two hours ... whew!!! Or basically ... find and design a chair within 2 hours that consisted of the materials provided for the race ... Concept: My concept was to find a simple clean lined chair and a beautiful fabric to apply to the upholstered parts. I did find a chair with simple lines and a little bit of detail which I liked, although it had three parts to upholster, the seat, seat back and back panel ... and I was super slow in the race so I rummaged and rummaged and found a solid marine blue fabric for the back panel and a beautiful bold but simple print for the seat and seat back ... a bit modern, kinda glamorous and beautiful colors ... all of which I loved!

I wanted my chair to be able to fit into a modern (not stark modern) home. I decided the chair frame needed to be a simple black with the detailing in the frame painted a marine blue. The main fabric looked almost batiked in a snakeskin pattern with colors from marine to midnight blues and lime greens. Final Product: I loved the idea or concept of my chair ... disappointed in the messy factor of the paint and upholstery but if professional finishers and upholsters were to do my concept chair ... and in a realistic time frame (several days) as paint takes time to cure, etc. I think it would have been a really great chair. I was going for the concept and I still like my concept. I actually see a pair of those chairs in a great room with lime green billowing silk drapes lined in maybe that midnight blue and some great large piece of art that has the same bold color mix ... it would be really beautiful, I think. Table Leg Description: Again, to race/run to tag a table then run to tag a set of six chairs of the provided table and chairs... after that race the next starts up to shop for a few quick minutes in the Top Design Showroom for items for your table top design...

Concept: To be truthful, at this point I was not into the whole racing/time crunch/crazy factor ... I took it all too literally ... because in the real world it just does not work like that. People/designers are not pushing and shoving and sometimes injuring themselves and/or others to get a vase ... so, I became the tortoise. I think I always had been, just didn't know it yet. I tried to remain calm and I found all kinds of items that would work together and thought I would just make the best of what I got. My plate set was ugly but I knew I could paint it and make 'em pretty ... or pretty interesting? I wanted to keep the color palette warm and earthy with muddy colors, meaning nothing too bright or "sugary." I wanted anyone to be able to sit and enjoy a dinner with wine and just be themselves ... relaxed and comfortable and very happy. Final Product: I really liked my final product. All kinds of

Earth Elements -- Rock, Metal, Wood, Plants/Flowers/Life, Fire, Water. I had taken a leaf out of my table so that it was a smaller more intimate arrangement. Speaking of arrangements, my flowers were super simple -- I didn't want a repeat of my Flower Pop Design disaster. I incorporated all the earthy reds in the plates, vases and flowers. I loved my painted plates of various colors. I am most proud of my two minute custom color mix of the yellow plates that perfectly matched the center vase of my table. I had a bit work to do with the red mix but again, both colors were custom mixed then I applied a hint of black to add some interest and tie it all together. I used lots and lots of wood grain and earth textures ... metal napkin rings, fire in the candles, and water in glasses, etc. I'd call the result My Rustic Asian Modern Table Top.

Outside/Inside Room Description: To design an outside/inside room in our provided triangle space with materials from an undisclosed store. Later we found out it was a Nursery. We had a few minutes to select our paint color(s) and quantities and then ... off to the races! We raced around a nursery to select, and this time not really doing any tagging of items but putting it all on a cart and wheeling it to the back area of the nursery in an hour. OK, we had never been to this particular nursery so ... we did not know where anything was or what this nursery did or did not have ... fun,fun.. Concept: I wanted to do a courtyard space. In Las Vegas the courtyard is another and sometimes the best room in ... OK, kinda outside, your home. It is protected from the wind and intense sun, which makes it the ideal space to be protected all year round.

So, I painted the walls an earthy (what a surprise) purple-wine color with some depth in the texture, meaning it looked like a Venetian Plaster technique then added an horizon line and did another really rich solid color in a warm brown on the lower part of the wall ... and my plants and pots ... well, I got lots and lots of plants! I wanted the space to feel really cool with the various textures in the green plants set against rich background colors. I added height at the corners of the space so you felt like you were kinda cocooned and safe with all this textural life and Buddha nestled in under the back main plant. I wanted a calming, relaxing, chill, Zen space. Final Product: I think it turned out to be a calming, relaxing, chill, Zen space. I loved it. I mean really loved it.

I know the judges did not but they do not live in hot, hot ... hot Vegas and they never seemed to really get me. They wanted the "Wow" factor. Mine was to be (and I believe it was) a room someone would say, "Wow -- this space is interesting." They'd sit down on the little bench and think, oh look at that plant ... oh wow, I didn't see the flowers on that ... and oh, look the color of the wall is in almost all of the plants. My room was a quiet space that took time in order to take in all the different textures and species of plants.I softened the edges with a moss ground cover. In real life, that space would be amazing. I wouldn't mind recreating it for myself or a client. I have to add, Todd Oldham came back into my space to tell me, "Sweetie, don't worry, it looks really great ... very sophisticated." Have I mentioned that I love Todd? He is wonderful. So ... thank you Todd.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint used for room: SW 6020 Marooned flat 2 gal SW 6048 Terra Brun semi-gloss 1 gal SW 2802 Rookwood Red eggshell 1 gal + 1 quart SW 6994 Green Black flat 1 quart SW 7101 futon flat 1 quart SW 6006 black bean flat 1 quart

PRESTON 1. I edited the chair by cutting off cross supports and pointless clutter, allowing the chair to be simpler in design. A polished black paint finish was applied for a sleek look and midnight blue velvet was used for the seat, armrest, and bolster. The overall look was contemporary mixed with traditional, thus creating a transitional piece. 2. The overall look of the table was simple, clean, and feminine. I envision the setting to be Napa Valley with a cool breeze in spring. The table was casual and meant to be for a family meal. 3. My garden room was simple and clean. The walls were striped with three beautiful shades of plum, moss green, and paper white. The floor was painted moss green and the Victorian inspired chair was centered in the space between topiary trees. The look was inspired by my grandmother and the color palette was inspired by the south. I envision the sunroom in a Victorian or traditional style home.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint used for room: SW 6074 Spalding Gray flat 1 gal SW 6064 Svelte Sage flat 1 gal SW 7105 Paperwhite satin 1 gal SW 6074 Spalding Gray satin 1 gal SW 6026 River Rouge satin 1 gal

ONDINE 1. My chair was a tribute to Betsey Johnson, my favorite designer in high school. I chose a corduroy fabric with a micro floral print to upholster the seat, and Chinese silk brocade in turquoise to edge the seat. It was trimmed in pom pom fringe. The pink paint is very Betsey Johnson. I could see it in a dressing room or powder room. 2. My table setting was a southern Lilly Pulitzer tea party. I white washed the IKEA chairs and painted the table white. I added a green plaid runner with embroidered palm trees. The judges really hated the fabric I chose. 3. I made a '60s-style living room with a free standing fireplace, Kelly green walls, white graphic panels and a shag rug made out of sod. I used garden materials to create furnishings typically used in the living room. I made a cabbage covered pillow and sputnik style hanging lamp out of flowerpots. Since the challenge was about "bringing the outside in," I feel that my room was the best attempt to turn exterior, natural items and use it in an interior room.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint used for room: SW 6990 Caviar hi gloss 1/2 gal SW 7006 Extra White hi gloss 2 gal SW 6923 Festival Green flat 2 gals SW 6199 Rare Grey flat 1/2 gal

EDDIE 1. My chair was amazing and I would have put it in my house. It was an updated Queen Anne chair painted a beautiful yellow and outlined with black to give it the look of antique toile. I loved it. 2. I took a bunch of items and made it look expensive and pulled together. It looked amazing. The flowers were perfect and polished. I think this table would photograph beautifully and look great in any publication. 3. My garden room: two words -- F'ing gorgeous! I am very proud of the work that I produced for this challenge. To hear the judges say words like perfect and polished, and notice my attention to detail was great. It's just what I wanted to hear.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint used for room: SW 6716 Dancing Green flat 1 gal Sw 7057 Silver Strand flat 1 gal SW 6645 Frangipane flat 1 gal SW 6990 Caviar flat 1 gal SW 7004 Snowbound flat 1 gal

WISIT 1. For the chair leg of the triathlon, I selected a Louis XIV style upholstered armchair. I wanted to create a chair that was stylish and creative, but versatile enough to use in a variety of interiors. I hand painted a traditional damask print in a weathered style and used a walnut stain on the wood arms, legs, and stretchers. Although it is more traditional in style, it still feels modern and comfortable. 2. For the table leg of the triathlon, I created a modern take on a traditional seaside table setting. I made tailored slipcovers with a variety of whimsical nautical decals on each chair back. The table is set with blue and white china in a modern print, along with wicker, silver chargers, and lots of white china and glass. I chose low arrangements of white mums to complement my blue and white color scheme. The overall feeling is modern, clean, fresh, ad casual. 3. For the final part of the triathlon, I created a vision of an apartment in Paris in the springtime. I used soft Gustavian color and classic neoclassical boiserie. The simple wash of colors allows the flowers to stand out. The furniture selection is classic French: a Louis XVI oval back armchair and a Rococo lit polonaise. I also created a faux Rothko painting to give the space an updated twist. The selection of flowers includes orchids, viburnum, and other pastel perennials.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint for room: Sw 6218 Tradewind flat 3 gals SW 7006 Extra White hi-gloss 1 gal SW 6429 Brize Green hi-gloss 1 gal

NATHAN 1. My chair was inspired by Yves Klein Blue, the fashion of Martin Margiela, and the '70s gold lame. I had a ton of F.U.N. doing the chair. I can see the piece in a Parisian flat mixed with French '40s antiques, and the new collectibles. 2. The dining table and chairs were exactly what I envisioned: relaxed, fresh, simple, but chic. I loved it. It was a mix of old and new, a place for friends to gather all summer long for late late lunches and early dinners. 3. Baja Chic times three is how I'd describe my room. My "outdoors in" space was refined, simple, and casual. The space reflected a feeling of heat and dryness.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint used for room: SW 6144 Dapper Tan flat 1 gal SW 6500 Open Seas flat 1 gal SW 6719 Gecko flat 2 qts SW 6719 Gecko hi gloss 2 qts SW 7006 Extra White flat 1 gal SW 6498 Byte Blue flat 1 gal

ANDREA 1. The first leg of the triathlon was finishing and reupholstering a chair. The race was on and the time was short. I did a rubbed sea foam green finish with a green striped fabric. I did a tuxedo pleat on the back and rosettes on the back. I am not an upholsterer, so the workmanship was questionable. 2. I did a princess-themed birthday party for my table. The feedback was directed toward the quality of materials for which I had no control. I thought the table was beautiful. 3. I chose to make an indoor vegetable garden, or greenhouse. I loved it, but the judges thought it didn't relate to a house. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, I think it's completely cool to have a veggie or herb garden right off the kitchen.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint used for room: SW 6385 Dover White flat 1 gal SW 7017 Dorian Grey flat 1 gal SW 7047 Porpoise flat 1 gal SW 6724 Mesclun Green flat 1 gal SW 6676 Butterfield flat 1 gal

NATALIE 1. My chair sucked and I knew it. 2. My table was a South Hampton look. I loved it. So did the judges, but I didn't win. 3. I created a sunroom with cool colors -- grey, white, and purple. I loved my plants, which included rose bushes, a grapefruit tree, delphiniums, rosemary and lavender. I loved the crisp and refreshing feeling my room had. I won and I was so happy that my room could be published in Elle Decor. Loved it.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint used for room: SW 7075 Web Gray semi-gloss 2 gal SW 7076 Cyber Space semi-gloss 1 gal SW 7070 Site White semi-gloss 1 gal SW 6242 Bracing Blue semi-gloss 1 gal

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