Episode Three: Window Display

Episode Three: Window Display

Find out where the designers shopped for the Windo Display challenge.

NATHAN AND SHAZIA For this challenge we wanted to achieve our client's statement while also capturing our design intent and abilities. The colors expressed turbulent, unknown times moving towards a new unknown optimism. We used solemn grays, vivid pink, and silver. We also used broken glass and mirrors, as well as contrasting and marrying shapes.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint: SW 6248 Jubilee eggshell 3 gal SW 6249 Storm Cloud hi-gloss 1 gal SW 6860 Eros Pink hi-gloss 1 gal Astek Wall Coverings: 1st MC 1778 250 s.f. Black tiered shelf - Pier 1 Imports Wicker Chair - Pier 1 Imports

KERRY AND WISIT Our display for designer Jeffrey Sebelia's 1940s inspired design was David Hockney's collages seen in a mirrored kaleidoscope. We created a forced perspective while filling the background and floor in an artful arrangement of mirrored tiles. Crackled glass balls and beads were placed in the display for sparkle.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint: SW 6258 tricorn black hi-gloss 2 gal SW 6911 Confident Yellow hi-gloss 3 gals Astek Wall Coverings: 1st OMD2 250 s.f. 2nd 8922 250 s.f. Kravet fabrics: 1st OMD2 250 s.f. 2nd 8922 250 s.f.

NATALIE AND ONDINE The idea behind our window was "Cocoon to Butterfly." Sweet P told the narrative that the dress starts at the top with a bright orange fitted fabric and flows to the floor ending in navy. The bust area of the dress is tight like a cocoon and slowly flows into ruffles that emerge as a butterfly. We took this narrative and designed our space around it. We created panels of mirrors to create freedom, space, and panels of black, and silver butterfly wallpaper. We wanted to focus on the garment so we attached a shorter piece of screen that flows from the dress with tons of butterflies flying off. The garment was like the Queen butterfly with her swarm of butterflies around her. It was very couture. We also created uplighting on the garment to give a dramatic effect and also created high contrast by painting the walls turquoise and the mannequin black.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint: SW 6781 Jamaica Bay flat 3.5 gals SW 6258 Tricorn Black hi-gloss 1.5 gals Kravet Fabrics: 1st 8463-8 20 yds 2nd 26746-8 20 yds Astek Wall Coverings: 1st VC01 250 s.f. 2nd 5819 250 s.f. Silver mirror- HomeGoods

TERESA AND EDDIE Our window's concept was inspired by the 1973 movie Don't Look Now. Santino wanted his window to be shocking, unnerving, mysterious, aged, and unforgettable. Our color scheme was inspired by the bold black and purple of the cape dress. Santino wanted frayed edges and layers. Thus, we incorporated both elements in the "frayed" arches on the window, the layers of torn ribbon, and the broken mirror. We would describe our window as mysterious, dark, and beautiful and our client loved it.

Product Details: Shwerwin-Williams Paint: SW 6990 Caviar eggshell 2 gal SW 6979 Very Violet flat 2 gal plus 2 quarts SW 6133 Muslin semi-gloss 2 quarts Kravet Fabrics: 1st 26746-8 20 yds 2nd 8463-8 20 yds Astek Wall Covering: 1st RC21 250 s.f. 2nd 16264 250 s.f. 3rd 17154 250 s.f.

ANDREA AND PRESTON We were combining elements of night with a forest type environment. The overall feel was to be mysterious, with the dress shown in moonlight and shadows cast across the floor and wall. The floor was a gold wave of raked pebbles. The space showed the true vision of Daniel, our fashion designer. The statement was simple, well thought-out, and the color palette allowed the dress to be the center of everyone's attention.

Product Details: Sherwin-Williams Paint: SW 6993 black of night hi-gloss 1 gal SW 6005 Folk Stone flat 3 gal SW 6993 Black of Night hi-gloss 1 gal Kravet Fabrics: 1st 8463-8 20 yds 2nd 26746-8 20 yds

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