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Kerry: It Was Wisit's Fault

Kerry Howard talks about his elimination, and working for Jeffrey Sebelia.

blogs_203_kerry.jpg What did you think when you saw that you were paired with Wisit?

I was really excited to be paired with Wisit because of his fashion background. Do you/did you watch Project Runway? How was Jeffrey as a client?

Yes, I do watch Project Runway; it is one of my favorite shows. Jeffrey was pretty set on what he wanted to see in the window design. Overall he was an alright guy. It was just that his vision wasn't something we were able to capture. It seemed that the biggest problem was that Jeffrey liked your ideas, but Wisit kept bringing up the rococo wallpaper -- why didn't you stand up to him?

I didn't stand up to Wisit because I wanted both of our ideas to come across in the window. The challenge is also to be able to work in a team approach. Towards the end of the project I finally told Wisit that we were not going to put any furniture in the window, which he kept insisting that we needed to do. What would you have done/how would you have accomplished it if you hadn't "compromised?"

I would have cut the wall covering into pieces and had hung in a very abstract way, placing it randomly throughout the entire space. Have you ever seen Blade Runner? If so, what kind of inspiration did it provoke? I have never seen Blade Runner, and don't plan on watching it any time soon! Neither you nor Wisit threw each other under the bus, but whose fault do you think it really was ultimately?

Ultimately it was Wisit's fault; he was not on board with the project from the beginning. He and Jeffrey were not on the same page from the get-go. Wisit would have much rather had one of the designers that had an evening gown rather than Jeffrey's two-piece design. Although in the end I was selected to be the team leader, and I was responsible for the outcome of that window. What did you think of the other designers' designs?

My favorite design was Sweet P's! It thought it was beautiful!!! Where can people learn more about you/your designs?

You can learn more about me on my website at

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