Jonathan Adler on why Nathan's win was well deserved.

Justice prevailed. Nathan rocks. His house was FIERCE and CREATIVE and GORGEOUS! Huge mazel to our Nathan on a well-deserved victory! But my God was it difficult to choose! Our otherwise harmonious judging crew nearly came to blows over who should win. Honestly, I almost came to blows with MYSELF over who should win! I J'ADORED Nathan's house (of course), but I was in love with Ondine's and Preston's creations aussi. Any of the three could have won and I would have been happy. Not to get all KUMBAYA on your asses, but I kinda think they all won.

The three finalists strutted their stuff on national TV and did a brilliant job. They are all talented, appealing, creative, and their futures are so bright they gotta' wear shades. And not to get all PAULA ABDUL on your asses, but I'm a FAN of all three. My fave design moments from the finale: Preston's grey-panelled spare room. PURE GENIUS! That wasn't design; that was ALCHEMY. Ondine's pink sofas with the wallpapered wall. Fun, happy, KAPOW! That room did just what design should do: it made me feel good. Nathan's entryway. He is a SOPHISTICATED MAMA. That room was what won it for Nathan. It was very Architectural Digest in the '70s, eclectic, original, INTERESTING.

I want to thank all the contestants for their hard work, resilience, stamina, and talent. I have so much respect for them and I am blown away by what they all accomplished--I probably would have lasted through one challenge before throwing in the towel. Lots of controversy in the blogosphere over how the show was edited and whether or not it is an accurate depiction of what went down. Honestly, I think the show is a completely fair and accurate portrayal. However, it ain't an accurate reflection of the contestants' personalities and talents in the real world. I'm sure that all of the kids, even the controversial Eddie "Omarosa" Ross, are polite delights.

Finalement, I want to say a huge merci to the Magical Elves and the whole crew for being so gorge and delightful and SILLY. And I want to thank India, Margaret, Kelly, and Todd for making the experience so GIGGLE-ENCRUSTED and FUN. Love, Jonathan

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