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Suck It Up!

Felicia Bushman urges the designers never to give up.

"Pop Design!" Nothing like waking up at 6am, dragging your tired butt out of bed, only to be hit with a "Pop Design." The designers seemed a bit run down this particular morning but they didn't have even one moment to gripe because the second they walked into the studio they had to hit the ground runnin'! This is a great exercise for every designer. As simple as it may seem you can see from the 5 pop design examples this week that you can make the same space great or just so-so with just a few accessories. It was actually a great warm up for the challenge to come...

Swarovski came to the table with five spectacular chandeliers. All absolutely breathtaking! The point of the challenge was to design a room around the chandelier. This is quite often asked of us, be it a piece of art, an architectural detail, whatever it may be we have to let the focal point be the star and create a room around it that enhances rather than competes with the piece. Eddie really missed the point of this. Perhaps it was that he had immunity but in my view it was his attitude that was his nemesis. I mean, talking back to the judges? Really? Do you think he would speak to Martha this way? Martha, are you out there watching this boy?? We would love to hear what you think...

And it was attitude that did Andrea in as well, granted in a different way. Margaret was right in what she said, though it did come off a bit harsh, telling Andrea to get over herself. It's tough love, Andrea. It really was a bit infuriating listening to the whining. And while India clearly felt her pain, we all felt Jonathan's pain more. We all worked so hard to put this show together and to give these 13 people a chance to show their talents to the world. What an amazing opportunity! I know, I was there. It's hard to watch someone give up...Every now and again you've just got to "SUCK IT UP!"

Ondine had a great attitude but I was surprised to see that she didn't see what we all saw. She saw her chandelier as "exotic" and designed her room as such. I would hardly call the chandelier "exotic. Yes, I would say it is "strikingly unusual" which is part of the definition of exotic, but it also includes the "suggestion of distant countries and unfamiliar cultures." Absolutely not. Once again, I expected her to shine in this challenge as it was more about setting a stage than anything else and this is what she is trained in. The room was lovely but it did not relate to the chandelier in any way.

What was really tough for Ondine, behind-the-scenes, was watching her struggle with the idea that if it weren't for Andrea quitting, she in fact, would have been the one sent home. It's hard to pick yourself up after knowing that you are there by default but I am glad she did, now here's a girl who actually knows how to suck it up! Both Nathan & Preston's spaces were equally beautiful and well done, I think the only thing that tipped the judges towards Preston's space was that his room was one that "they" could hang out in.

While they loved Nathan's room, it was a space that a "little girl" would love to hang in. I too am jealous of that bratty little princess! What a fantastically magical space to grow up in! They were both gorgeous. It's a hard call but I would have called it a tie...

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